Best Backpacks For College Student

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It might not be the most exciting thing that you looking forward to buying when new semester starts, but investing in a multi-functional and best student backpack for college does pay off big time.

If I can give all the student out there (my younger self included) only ONE advice then I will tell them this:

“Investing in the best student backpack for college does pay off big time”

Think about it.

You have to carry your books, your laptop even your food from class to class, from home to school. which is tiring if you don’t have the best backpack for college student.

Yet, choosing a good one from a wide variety of choices in the market is not that easy.

Different bags have different designs, material and the most important factor, quality.

Trust me.

You definitely don’t want to pick up a poorly made bag for your new long-awaited school life.

“Which is the best one should I choose then?” you might ask.

Don’t worry!

I’ll show you the list of the best bag for college student on the market right now.

Also, I will give you the best choices for college student that will definitely suit your needs and style!

You can take a glance at the table above. It provides you all the basic features of the best college student book bag right now.

If you want to take a detailed look at some of them, then feel free to check out my personal favorite list below!

Top 3 Popular Student Backpacks Reviews

JanSport Classic SuperBreak Backpack

The first one I’m going to talk about in this “the best backpacks for college” list is the Classic SuperBreak (see good deal) from Jansport.

This bag offers you a single main compartment and a front pocket with an organizer. And I can tell you that they’re large enough for you to store everything you need for a day at school!

Designed with padded shoulder straps and back panel cushion, the SuperBreak is the best partner in your toughest day at school. Walking around, from class to class, with a ton of stuff on your back does not feel like a burden at all!

The quality is great but not only that, the design of this one is stylish too.

You can choose your favorite color and design from a wide variety of choices that JanSport has to offer. You can enjoy the benefits of a great quality bag while still rocking it with your clothing!

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

The next one I’m going to talk about in this “the best backpacks for college” list is the wonderful Co.Little America from Herschel Supply (see good deal).

Even though the design is simple but no one can’t deny the stylish look that it has. Don’t let the simple design of the buckle fools you, they are well-made and not easily torn up.

You probably wondering:

“Is it enough to keep my belongings inside?”

If that was the case then rest assure because this bag has magnetic flap closure as well. You can put your stuff inside without worrying about their safety for years to come.

It also has 2 small buckles with magnetic flap closure for the small exterior pocket. You can keep your cell phone, calculator or anything that you need inside and have access to them when you need to.

Besides, this product has well-made shoulder straps, back panel and 7 different designs and colors that you can choose from.

With that, I’m sure the only thing that stops you from owning one is that you haven’t heard about it yet!

High Sierra Loop Backpack

We just can’t finish this list without talking about the popular Loop from High Sierra, definitely one of the best backpacks for college.

The High Sierra Loop (see good deal) has a special water-resistance coating. It will help keep your stuff safe and dry even when the weather turns worse.

This bag also has one dedicated MP3 player pocket with headphone port. So next time, you can enjoy your music without worrying where to put the headphone cord.

Like any product out there, the Loop has an organizer compartment with 8 pockets in total. They help you store things with ease but can still have access to them anytime without breaking a sweat.

The shoulder straps are well designed with non-slip shoulder pads attached to them. They will disburse weight more evenly so your shoulder won’t have to feel stress ever again.

With the help of a comfortable back panel, this bag will give you the best feeling that you have never felt before.

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best bags for college that every student should own!

Are You Looking For A Suitable Laptop Backpack For College Student?

Laptop has slowly become the item that everybody needs and so do college students. A laptop is one of the most versatile items that has many great benefits for the user.
But, it’s a valuable item to take care of as well. That’s the reason why you should look for a bookbag from the well-known brands. They usually has a padded laptop compartment that can keep your laptop safe and secure.

If you want to find out more about that kind of products then you can check out my top laptop backpack review of 2016!

But, carrying a fully packed bag for a long time is not a good idea. It’s the main reason for back pain in student. So the alternative option that you can choose is pick up a rolling one.

So why don’t you come and check out our updated guide on the best rolling backpack?
We’re sure that you’d love it!

The Benefits of A Great Quality Student Backpack


Now that you’re read about my best college student bookbag reviews. Is that sufficient enough for you? Have you made your choice yet?

“Backpacks are all the same, they serve the same purpose. Why bother buying an expensive one?”, you might think.

But I’m here to tell you a different opinion.

Investing time in finding a great quality bag will bring you more benefits than you imagine.
It’s cheaper to buy a good product!


Because buying a bookbag with durability that lasts for years will save you a lot of money. And you only have to spend a few dollars more to buy a good one. See it as a long-term investment and you will see the difference.

h durability that lasts for years will save you a lot of money. And you only have to spend a few dollars more to buy a good one. See it as a long-term investment and you will see the difference.
You don’t have to worry anymore

Imagine yourself in the school campus, running toward your friend. In a blink of an eye, your bag tore up, all your stuff dropping to the ground and they all saw it?

I’ve gone through that experience. One time, only ONE though because I choose not to make the same mistake again in my life.

So if you don’t want the same thing to happen to you, consider buying a good product and you will be at ease every time you go out.
How To Which One Is Right For You
best student backpack for college

Just because there are unlimited choices doesn’t mean you can blindly pick anything up. It would be a waste of time and money for you and even your family.

So the very first question that you should ask yourself is “What kind of product do I need?”

Even though there are a lot of factors that come into play before you make the final decision.

But if you remember everything that I’m going to talk about below, you’ll be fine.

What do you need it for? If you only need a good bag to carry your stuff with you to school then a smaller one is good for you. But if you’re someone who enjoys an active lifestyle then you need a bigger one that is made from durable material.

Does it suit you? Different people have different tastes and different styles. That’s the reason why you should pick something that is a good fit for you and your daily lifestyle.

And that brings me to the final point.

Do you love it? This final tip is pretty self-explanatory. It’s never a good idea to buy something you don’t even like in the slightest to use for the next few years. So buy what you love and love what you buy!
That’s all I have for you today about best backpacks for college student in 2017. I hope you find some useful information in here and I hope it helps you make your decision too.

Take care and till next time. Bye.


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