Review SwissGear 1775 Black Laptop Backpack

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The Swissgear1775 Black laptop Backpack from the maker of genuine Swiss Army knife. The backpack is made for functionality and convenience that make it unique from the competition. It is an incredible high capacity backpack that is durable. It has incredible features to accommodate for every accessory from your sunglasses, room for your entire essential and a dedicated audio interface.

Features of SwissGear 1775


The first compartment 15’’ in size is reserved for the laptop with a laptop sleeve to protect from both sides as well as the bottom. The compartment contains two large elastic mesh that you can fit various accessories of your choice. The second compartment is the one that makes the Swiss gear 1775 more relevant to students. The high capacity for binders makes it essential for notes books, books or several clothes during vacation.

Audio interface

The main compartment also contain a unique mp3 player holder and a headphones hole which connect with the external headphones port. The medium size compartment is capable holding additional accessories, pencils, usb sticks, pens, mp3 player, business cards, and media and still has more space for more accessories or even books.

In front of the pack there is an additional mini panel that can be used to store accessoriesor for other gadget. In case you have sunglasses the shoulder strap provides a holder for your sunglasses. There are also side pockets for your water bottles which obviously come in handy.


The backpack is remarkably unique lightweight with ample room for storage also with a shoulder support and a high quality back. The contoured straps shoulder with thick padding makes it comfortable even when using only one of the straps. The air flow back panel plays a big role in reducing sweating and provides protection padding to your back removing some of the strain.


A separate compartment for laptop with mesh pockets for storing other electronic gear.

The main compartment contains a pocket to store an audio player near the top the pack’s upper wall contain a hole that allows you to thread through your headphone cable with a flap to cover the hole incase it rains very hard.

It has durable side pockets for carrying water bottles. The mesh pocket are durable and elastic than the previous pack.

The previous pack had a sheet of plastic inside with sharp edges that use to cut through the bottom of the wall this has been replaced with a better wall sheet.


The air flow design is the major problem as it does absolutely nothing. I usually feel the whole backpack pressing me when my back is sweaty as there is no air permitted to flow. My previous backpack was much better because of the two semi foam protrusion that were running along the height of the pack allowing the air to flow.

Because of the limp pack material sometime it is hard to zip the backpack.


The swissgear1775 is a sophisticated and highly functional backpack sleek in design with incredible amount of space, compact size and lightweight.


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