Belkin Slim 15″ Notebook Polyester Backpack Review

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The Belkin Slim 15″ Notebook Polyester Backpack, Black/Light Gray in Black/Gray is the perfect backpack option for on-the-go commuters and students that need to bring along their netbook computers. Netbooks are all the rage because of their small size, and come in a variety of makes and models. However, the daintiness of such computers can pose a problem on crowded trains, subways, buses, or in busy dorms and classrooms. Commuters and students alike need a reliable bag to keep their netbooks safe and secure from bumps, shock and theft, without compromising style and comfort.

Features of Belkin Slim 15″ Notebook Polyester Backpack

This backpack is versatile, and holds any netbook 15” or smaller. Unlike sleeves that only fit your computer, the Belkin Slim Polyester Backpack holds your computer, keys, cell phone, wallet, pencils, folders, extra batteries, lipstick, power cord and more. You won’t even need to carry a purse. With enough pockets for almost anything that you can imagine, this bag is truly a carry-all. A bonus feature is the smaller pouch that fits neatly into the bottom of the backpack. Use it to keep track of little items that otherwise might get lost.

Unlike hard-top carrying cases that can be clunky, the light weight Belkin Slim features a durable polyester exterior that is resistant to tearing and snagging. It has just enough give without being too bulky. The polyester material provides some weather resistance. Inside, the soft-touch lining provides extra protection for your computer and other valuables, without adding bulk.

Purses and messenger bags with one strap put pressure on your shoulders, leaving back and neck muscles tight. With a long day of work or class ahead of you, that’s the last thing that you want. The dual shoulder straps on the Belkin Slim 15” Notebook Polyester Backpack fit comfortably, and the snug-fitting design makes sure that your possessions are always close to you and easily accessible without weighing you down.

Who doesn’t want to listen to music on their phone or MP3 player while waiting to catch the bus, or for class to begin? The Slim features a convenient headphone grommet for easy access to your music player. Simply secure your player in the interior pocket and pull the headphones out through the grommet. What a great way to eliminate the chance of dropping your device, or having it stolen out of your hand.


  • Low-cost
  • Versatile, with lots of exterior and interior pockets
  • Light weight, slim design
  • Two straps for comfort
  • Headphone grommet


  • Not a snug fit for net books smaller than 15”
  • No exterior water bottle pocket
  • If zipper breaks, bag is unusable

Final Words:

The Belkin Slim 15″ Notebook Polyester Backpackin Black/Light Gray, is a great choice for students, commuters and anyone looking for a versatile backpack that includes superior protection for their netbook computer without adding bulk.

The Belkin Slim’s low-price makes it an attractive option for anyone looking for a secure, comfortable and stylish way to carry their belongings to and from work, class or both.


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