Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink: Not Your Average Backpack Review

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Oakley’s men’s kitchen sink backpack is literally one of the most convenient and functional backpacks on the market, particularly for adventure seekers that need a good pack for outdoor activities like camping or hiking. This backpack is high quality, durable and stylish, with several different components that add to its versatility. There are some things to keep in mind, however, before investing in this pack, so make sure you are in the know before hand. With the right knowledge on your side you can determine whether or not this backpack will work for you and live up to your needs.

Features of Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Backpack

There are a variety of features included in the kitchen sink, which is exactly how it got its name. One of the most obvious features is the high number of different compartments on the pack, with several in the front, one on either side, and several more on the inside. These compartments vary in size, so there is a spot for everything, from ponchos to water bottles and keys. Clips also make it easy to clip on smaller items, and netted pouches make it easy to see items you need to have quick at hand. The straps are also adjustable.


Easily one of the biggest pros is the high functionality of this backpack, as discussed above. The pack is also made of incredibly durable material, which is water proof, making it ideal for outdoor activities and all manner of weather. The size of the pack is also excellent, as well, making it possible to fit all the necessities you need, whether it is books and a laptop for work or school or a small tent and hiking boots for a camping trip. Pulls allow you to pull the material in and cinch in the pack to make everything fit nicely.


One thing to keep in mind with this backpack is cost, as it is high quality and comes with a higher price tag than ordinary, lower quality packs. It also comes in a limited number of colors, which could be a drawback if you have something incredibly specific in mind. Also, due to the large inside compartments, you might feel compelled to over pack, which can make the backpack heavier than smaller packs that fit less. There is also no ability to lock the backpack, though you could add your own manual lock if that is important to you.

Oakley’s kitchen sink is a backpack anyone should seriously consider if they are in the market for a durable, high quality backpack. The pack fits most standard laptops, shoes, and has a durable bottom section for items that need extra protection. It is perfect for the office or the great outdoors, making it versatile enough to fit all manner of needs, and will surely fit everything you want to pack inside. Keep in mind a few of the drawbacks, too, to make sure you select the backpack that will work best for you and whatever you need your backpack to accomplish.


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