Just Porter Sable Rucksack Review

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I am an avid biker and also commute to work five days a week. I have a lot of stuff to bring along with me, and some of it is quite valuable.  I needed something that could handle the load, which is why I opted to buy a Just Porter Sable Rucksack

Review Of The Just Porter Sable Rucksack

The dimensions of the backpack were more than ideal for the errands I had to run.  I am not a very large person, but I still required a rucksack that could carry a lot of items.  I didn’t want anything bulky though, but I did want something that was tough and durable and that plenty of individual storage compartments. This backpack featured everything I needed and I still use it today.

I am allowed to confidently explore my adventurous side each and every time I use this backpack, and I never have to worry about it malfunctioning at a bad time.  It is comprised of military grade tarpaulin that just so happens to be waterproof as well.

Its interior is lined nicely too, which is how all my items stay safe during my travels. The Rare Earth magnetic buckles are pretty durable and convenient, and I think they look great.  They easily snap right at the flap and chest, making them essential while I’m on riding my bike on rough terrain.

Why I Bought This Particular Backpack

It was the durability and industrial design of this rucksack that caught my attention first, but then I saw the amply sized exterior pocket.  It is big enough to house my 15-inch laptop and is located in the perfect spot for busy travelers.  I can whip out my devices quickly and then put them away again in a flash. I have all this storage space to use and the whole rucksack is small enough to fit into a carry-on compartment on an airplane.

The Pros and Cons

I could understand why someone would purchase this backpack for work or pleasure.  There are actually numerous pros and only a couple of cons.  For instance, the laptop compartment could be a little bit bigger but that change might make the bag too bulky. It is the streamlined design of the rucksack that is one of its best features.

Other consumers might not like the price tag on this backpack, but it is well worth the cost.  I found out after I bought it that each bag comes with a charitable surprise. For each rucksack the company sells, Just Porter gives a big bag of school supplies to a needy child. To me, that alone is a good enough reason to buy this rucksack.

Final Verdict

My expandable backpack goes with me everywhere.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.  I’m grateful that it was so easy to find and purchase, especially since I had no time to waste.  If you’re looking for a good backpack that can explore the world with you, I’d truly suggest this one above all others.


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