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What You Should Put in Your College Backpack?

Packing for college can be a daunting experience especially for freshmen. There are so many items you need in college but unfortunately, your backpack can only accommodate a few of these items.

This is why it is important to ensure that you know the necessities you need to include when packing for college. Countless freshmen and other college students find themselves at a fix when they realize that they forgot to pack crucial and important items.

Here are some of the things you should put in your backpack


What to wear while on college is a primary necessity that can not be foregone under any circumstances. The choice of clothes to pack in your college backpack is mainly dependent on the location of the college.

For instance, if the college is located in a region where the weather is mostly cold and chilly, then you should pack warm clothes.

While most clothes in college are casual outfits, it is necessary to pack a few official clothes for official events such as internship interviews. Other outfits you should pack include bathing suits, slippers, gym clothes and shoes.

Personal items 

For purposes of hygiene and personal cleanliness, it is necessary to pack your own personal items. Things like shaving creams, razors, shampoo, soap, towels, robe, shower shoes and tissues should not be shared.

This is because sharing these items can put you at a risk of developing illnesses and infections especially if there is an outbreak.

Since you will be sharing laundry and bathroom facilities with other students, it is important to pack your favorite antiseptic and antibacterial soap for preventing germ contraction from other students.

Learning items 

The primary goal of attending college is seeking education. As such, you should pack the necessary learning items you will require while in college.

These items include books, calculator, geometrical sets, mathematical tables and other items depending on the course you are pursuing.

You can also carry your laptop too but it is advisable to pack a notebook since there are some lecturers who do not allow their students to record notes in electronic devices.


In colleges and universities, students are required to plan their schedules by themselves and do not get any reminders or follow ups from lecturers.

Due to this, it is necessary to ensure that you pack some planners to help you in keeping track of due dates of assignments, projects and other related school work.

The best thing about a planner is that it helps you to be well organized and keeps your college life in order. Planners with a monthly overview are the best choices since they allow you to plan for a whole month including dates for tests and examinations.

Sports items/gear 

If you are interested in playing a particular sport while in college, it is necessary to pack the items and gear you will need while playing that sport. The best thing about college is that there are lots of sports to choose from, most of which enable you to keep fit.

In addition to this, these sports also make it easy for you to maintain a class-co-curricula balance that is necessary for relaxing your mind after a long day in class.

And now you have everything, the only thing you need left is some best backpacks for college!

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