Two Types Of Hydration Packs For Running

If you’re someone who loves running then hydration pack is not something that is unfamiliar to you. For many years, hydration pack has become one of the most important items that every outdoor-activities-lover must have because of its usefulness.

But if you don’t know what a hydration pack is then let me explain it to you: hydration pack is another type of backpack/waist pack that has every feature that a normal backpack/waist pack has but it also has one special feature: a built-in hydration system. You can fill water or any liquid of your choice inside a “bladder” and drink from that with a hose without interrupting your current activity. And there are two types of hydration packs of running:

1.Backpack/vest pack.

hydration backpack

This is the most common type of hydration pack that you can find on the market and a lot of people love this type as well. And there’s a reason for that.

Hydration backpacks/vest packs allow you to move more freely because they sit tight on your back. Also, just like normal backpacks/vest packs, this type of hydration pack can help you bring a lot of useful items which makes them perfect for a long extended run.



2.Waist pack.

hydration waist pack

Unlike hydration backpack/vest pack, hydration waist pack is smaller and you can’t carry many items inside. But if you find the first type of hydration pack too big or too heavy to carry with you then this is the perfect pack for you. You can easily put it around your waist and you don’t have to worry about the weight anymore. That’s the reason why hydration waist pack is the perfect choice for someone who just loves to have a casual run on a bright Sunday morning.



Understanding hydration packs:

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