best backpacks brands list

Best Backpacks Brands List Of 2016-2017

Below is my personal best backpacks brands list of 2016-2017.

The list is in alphabetic order so you can easily keep track of them.

Just in case you guys haven’t noticed it yet, I have two guides that can help you either choose an appropriate business backpack if you need to look professional at work or pick up a suitable student backpack if you’re still a student. (Feel free to check out all the buying guides here)

But if you want something that is more specific then you can always check out my list of best backpacks on the market here!

Now,take your time,grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the list of best backpack brands.

Top 7 Recommended Backpack Brands:

High SierraHigh Sierra

Looking for a functional backpack with elegant design? Then you’ve come to the right place. If I have to put my opinions about High Sierra outdoor gear in a few words then it’s definitely…(read more)



In the list with many other age-old and respectable backpack and outdoor gear makers in the world is Jansport. Founded in 1967 and have been one of the most-renowned brands ever since,Jansport know how to…(read more)




When it comes to outdoor gears,you definitely can’t count Ogio out. Offering a wide variety of products for different occasions, Ogio is…(read more)



Swissgear is one of the trademarks which is owned by Victorinox – the creator of the original Swiss Army Knife. It has slowly become one of the most well-known brands when it comes to…(read more)



With 45 offices worldwide and distribution points in 145 countries, Targus is definitely one of the few brands that you need to pay attention to when choosing your next quality laptop backpack. The thing about Targus laptop backpack is…(read more)



The North FaceThe North Face

With a rich history of more than 40 years in creating and supplying outdoor gear,The North Face is another big name in the backpack making industry that whenever their name get mentioned,people pay attention. Well known for their…(read more)



Founded in 1884 and have been one of the biggest and most well-known brands from Switzerland, Victorinox is one of the few that whenever the brand get mentioned,people pay attention. Famous for their…(read more)



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