Best Targus Laptop Backpack Review

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With 45 offices worldwide and distribution points in 145 countries, you know why the very best Targus laptop backpacks are something that you must pay attention to if you’re looking a brand new one.

The thing about Targus products is that they offer a wide variety of goods that are really flexible, you can pretty much bring it with you on any occasion. It’s not easy to find such backpack these days, some manufacturers pay more attention to casual-looking one while other have business specialist as their target market. But with Targus products, you can attend any meeting just as easy as go on a vacation because they’re so flexible.

But just in case you couldn’t find any versatile product yet, I’ve listed below is my personal 3 best Targus laptop backpacks out there that are suitable for many different occasions and my personal opinion about them. I will tell you in detail about everything that I found interesting and why they are worth buying so just sit back,relax and enjoy!

Top 3 Best Targus Laptop Bags Reviews

1. Targus Drifter II Laptop Bag

The first product under the spotlight that I want to talk about is the Targus Drifter II Laptop Bag (Click here for good price!) which was designed to fit laptops up to 17″ in size. The feature that I like about this one is: the laptop compartment of this bag will not only keep your laptop safe but also fully cover your laptop so other things from the storage compartment outside won’t damage your precious laptop.

Just like most bags for 17″ laptops, this is a really spacious one. Besides the laptop compartment, it also has 2 large compartments where you can keep your belongings intact. The front main compartment contains pockets for your business card, accessories and, a key clip and a divider inside which will help you store your valuable documents easily.

The special thing is that with this bag, Targus offers you a soft and scratch-resistant pocket to store your fragile items like your sunglasses and more. If you’re not satisfied with that pocket then I’m sure the next feature will definitely fulfill your need – it’s in the shoulder straps.

The shoulder straps are not only heavily padded but also it has an elastic loop specifically designed to hold glasses so you can keep your sunglasses safe while still easily have access to it when it’s sunny outside.

What about its durability? Don’t worry about it because Targus designed this bag with a weather-resistant bottom, thick zipper and a well-made handle which guarantee you the best protection for your important devices for a long time.

2. Targus Sport Rolling Bag

The next one I’m going to talk about in this Targus laptop bag reviews is the first ever rolling bag from Targus – the Targus Sport Rolling Bag (Click here for good price!).

This product contains in-line skate wheels and a 2-tier telescoping handle for easy travelling. With a smartly designed rear flap, your backpack shoulder straps will not go anywhere when you use it as a roller. Or you can lower the flap to cover the wheels and enjoy carrying your stuff with comfort.

This bag offers you a well-padded and removable compartment for laptop but it’s only up to 15.4″. So if your laptop is bigger than that, you should consider buying a larger one.

Even though this one is not that big, it’s still a great product to pick up. With dedicated and protective pockets for your iPod/MP3 players, glasses with a card holder, pen loops,key clip and a file storage – you can travel with ease while keeping everything organized. Simple yet stylish and multi-functional is what I can say about this wonderful backpack of Targus.

3. Targus Terra Bag

The last one in my Targus laptop backpack reviews series is another well-known model from Targus – the Targus Terra Bag (Click here for good price!).

It’s designed to fit laptops up to 16″ in size. Besides the laptop compartment, it also has a large front pocket with enough space to carry with you a laptop charger so you won’t run out of battery again.

This smartly-designed bag has numerous pockets including an MP3/iPad compartment with headphone port that helps you listen to your favorite music or audio book with ease. With an interior organizer, you will have an easier time when it comes to organizing your personal stuff inside.

But the best feature is the rain cover which is included with this backpack. It helps keep your bag and your belongings dry and unharmed from the terrible weather outside. It takes only a little time to unpack the rain cover and wrap it over your backpack. When the weather gets better, simply take it out and slide it back inside the hidden compartment on the bottom of the backpack. They even secure it with a sturdy Velcro strap so don’t worry about losing it because it’s not going to!

Have You Found Your Next Targus Laptop Backpack?

I’ve talked briefly about Targus and shown you my top 3 favorite products from them. But to choose a perfect Targus backpack for you, you must consider what are your needs and see if any of the product above can satisfy them for you.

I’d be glad if you find anything that caught your eyes. But if you’re not satisfied with it, then you can head over to the full collection to pick the best Targus laptop backpack for yourself!

Even better, you can come and read my best laptop backpack reviews! for more wonderful products from various brands from all around the world!


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