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How to Organize a College Bag

Being a student comes with the responsibility of living a well-organized life by ensuring that you organize your college bag neatly and arrange all the items well for easy retrieval.

At times, it is usually hard to keep with the demands of college from wading through homework, searching for pens and pencils, going through candy wrappers, and searching for specific scraps of paper.

It is worth noting that with a poorly arranged and organized college bag, finding might be quite straining and stressing.

As such, it is important to know how to organize your college bag through these steps:

Find the right bag for you 

The secret to planning your college bag lies in being able to find a bag that is right for you.

The easiest way is identifying your college needs and the requirements you need to put in the college bag.

Backpacks are commonly used for college bags since they are usually comfortable, roomy, have different compartments/pockets and are efficient for use in college.

However, girls like purse-style bags for use in college. Whichever style of bag you opt for, you should only settle for the best backpacks for college student that is right for you; once that is roomy and meets your preferences.

Start with the things you will need to use less frequently 

Organizing a college bag should be done in a hierarchical manner with priority given to the things used frequently and more often than others. Such items include pens, pencils, books, calculators, and laptop among other frequently used items.

You may also include emergency supplies such as pads, tampons and band-aids among other items. The things that you will use rarely should be placed at the bottom of the bag. This saves you the trouble of having to remove everything from the bag every time you are looking for a particular item.

Group your items

Items that have similarities or are used alongside each other should be grouped together. Categorize your items in groups such as writing equipment/items, emergency supplies, make-up, beauty items, books & papers, and electronics.

You can group the items in as many groups as you want depending on the categories of choice. The greatest benefit of grouping items is that it makes it easy to know where to retrieve a particular item when need arises.

Economize on the available space 

The roominess and available space in the compartments of your college bag will guide you on how to organize your college bag. This will help you to identify the compartments to use when storing specific items.

However, it goes without saying that papers and books should occupy the largest compartments and use the smaller compartments to store items like pens, pencils, markers, and erasers among other things depending on the grouping approach you have used.

It is important to be careful when storing electronics as they need to be kept in secure compartments and protected from lotions, oils and food items. This is because such items are likely to destroy and cause damages to electronics.

Always ensure that you keep your backpack dry, clean and neat at all times.

In addition to this, take good care of your backpack so that it lasts for long without wearing out or getting dilapidated and torn. With proper care and maintenance, these bags can last for a very long time and be of reliable use to you throughout their life.

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