Best Rolling Backpacks Reviews

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Are you a college student? Do you experience back pain due to lugging around a bulky backpack filled with tons of books and even a laptop?

According to a study lead by David Siambanes, DO, backpacks cause back pain in about sixty percent of students. A rolling backpack is a smart way to prevent back pain and possible injury, and this guide and the reviews below couldn’t make it any easier to pick the perfect one for you!

First, we reviewed the High Sierra Freewheel Rolling Bag and it is complete with a padded computer zone and easy rolling, sturdy wheels.

The J World New York Sunrise Rolling Bag is packed with advantageous features like a plastic bottom for added durability, and it’s available in multiple colors and patterns.

Next, the Outdoor Products Sea-Tac Rolling Bag is a wonderful pick because it’s made with durable ripstop fabric, contains a multitude of compartments, and it’s very affordable.

If you carry a laptop to class, then the Kipling Alcatraz II Rolling Bag is a great backpack for you because it uses Velcro to hold your laptop in place, and the straps are easily tucked away while moving from class-to-class.

Finally, walk through your college campus in the rain or evening with the reflective accents and water-proof fabric found on the High Sierra Powerglide Rolling Laptop Bag.

But in case you’re in a hurry, check out a small comparison table that I put up so you can see the best products that the industry has to offer below!

Reviews Of The 5 Best Rolling Backpacks For College

High Sierra Freewheel Rolling Bag

Made of durable Nylon and coming in five different colors, the High Sierra Freewheel Rolling Bag (see good deal) is perfect for the busiest, most fashion-forward college student. Matching lunchboxes are also available!

Safely tuck your trusty computer away inside a fully cushioned computer zone that’ll fit almost any laptop.

Discover the convenience of a sumptuous media pocket complete with a built-in headphone port that’ll make studying in your campus library less bothersome for your fellow students.

Say goodbye to back pain because this backpack is equipped with two easy rolling, corner-mounted wheels and a hideaway aluminum telescoping handle that extends with a simple touch of a button! Also, enjoy the convenient pocket used to tuck in the straps.

This High Sierra Wheeled Bag can hold a whole lot: anywhere from four small sized books and two notebooks (or two large books and two small notebooks).

Things We Liked

Easy rolling, sturdy wheels make your class-to-class travels less stressful.
Padded computer zone to protect your computer from damage during your travels.
Available in many colors.
Great value for the price, less than fifty dollars!
Things We Didn’t Like

The wheels might wear down or broke if you’re not careful.
The straps occasionally fall out of the pocket and can get caught in the wheel during use.
Under stressful college conditions, this book bag may last as little as one year according to some other users.

J World New York Sunrise Rolling Bag

The J World New York Sunrise Wheeled Bag (see good deal) is made with one- hundred percent polyester fabric, and comes in over twenty different colors and designs!

The bottom of this backpack is made of plastic, so you won’t have to worry about it rubbing on the ground and wearing out or getting wet.

Coming in at about eighteen inches high and eight and a half inches wide, this wheeled backpack has a recessed, locking push-button handle and a front pocket that features a pencil holder, mesh pocket and key fob.

Soft wheels offer more control and less noise, and it can fit inside a standard locker.

The large wheels make the backpack more stable and less likely to flip over. We also appreciated the added sturdiness of the backpack because the wheels are part of the molded plastic base, versus being screwed into the frame like in other backpacks.

As if this backpack could sound any better, you can call this one your own at a really reasonable price!

What We Liked:

Plastic bottom to handle more wear-and-tear.
A plethora of patterns and colors to choose from.
Many compartments and a sturdy, retractable handle.
Soft, sturdy wheels to withstand the most treacherous college campus landscape.
What We Didn’t Like:

No laptop compartment.
Deeper pockets would provide more room for the user.
The handle might be easily broken, and the bag is bulky and difficult to carry.
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Outdoor Products Sea-Tac Rolling Bag

Are you looking for a durable backpack to compliment your bustling college schedule? Then this one is for you!

This bag is made ripstop polyester fabric; fabrics that are made by weaving materials using a special reinforcing cross-hatch technique that makes the fabric more durable and less prone to ripping or tearing.

The Outdoor Products Sea-Tac Wheeled Bag (see good deal) can be easily towed with the sturdy handle and inline skate wheels. A back panel that unzips and folds down and non-slip shoulder straps make this backpack easily converted from rolling to carrying.

You will find four spacious zippered compartments, space and cushion to carry a seventeen-inch laptop, a top and side handle to carry as needed and a mesh side compartment for your favorite water bottle.

This backpack is roomy, fairly priced and easy to organize. This backpack has a positive outlook for longevity- sometimes lasting more than five years!

Things We Liked:

Very sturdy because it’s made with ripstop fabric.Easily towed with two carrying handles and a sturdy, telescoping handle to use while rolling.
Back panel that zips and Velcro’s closed for comfort while carrying and convenience while pulling.
Includes multiple compartments, and can carry a large laptop (up to seventeen inches).
Very affordable and, according to reviewers, can last many years.
Things We Didn’t Like:

The bottom of the bag would be sturdier the bottom was made of plastic.
The wheels are noisy.
It might be too big and bulky for some.
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Kipling Alcatraz II Rolling Bag

The Kipling Alcatraz II Wheeled Bag (see good deal) is great for any college student with a laptop; these days almost everyone has one! It can accommodate a standard fifteen-inch laptop and keep it safe and secure with its smooth, Velcro enclosure.

It is made from one-hundred percent crinkle Nylon and it’s available in eight different patterns and colors.

With padded back straps are conveniently hidden away, going from pulling to carrying couldn’t be easier. If you’re on a campus with different types of terrain, this would be a great backpack to invest in. For a closer look at this amazing backpack, check out this video.

According to most reviewers, this roomy backpack can hold up to four books and a laptop! We’re sure that there’s no need to worry about the straps getting caught in the wheels while rolling because they’ll be tucked away in a pocket.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the handle is sturdy and robust, but the wheels can sometimes be slippery.
Things We Liked:

Velcro safely secures laptop inside the backpack.
Made with sturdy Nylon available in many styles.
Padded straps are easily hidden while pulling.
Holds many books and a laptop.
Things We Didn’t Like:

Wheels can be slippery.
A bit pricey, not affordable for everyone.
Cannot accommodate large laptops.
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High Sierra Powerglide Rolling Laptop Bag

The High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Laptop Bag (see good deal) is equipped with six compartments, and a well-padded computer sleeve that can hold a standard fifteen-inch laptop.

Walk breezily to all of your courses with the smooth rolling, corner-mounted wheels and a double-tube telescoping handle that easily stows away while carrying.

Also keep the straps from wrapping around the wheel while towing, and carry with comfort and ease with a zippered, padded core back panel and adjustable and padded shoulder straps.

What makes this a great bookbag for a college student? You can stay hydrated all day with a zippered water bottle compartment, and carry important items like locks and keys with a sturdy triangle clip.

The handle is very sturdy because it is made with two poles instead of one. This backpack won’t strain your back and it is perfect for those who have a lot of ground to cover.

Things We Liked:

An array of compartments, along with a padded compartment to safely tote your laptop.
Reflective accents help keep night students safe. Waterproof fabric helps keep your invaluable items safe.
Things We Didn’t Like:

The layout can make the backpack difficult to use: the second zippered compartment is the computer compartment, located in front of the compartment designated for books and notebooks.
Only available in four colors.
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Why Use a Rolling Backpack Instead Of a Normal One?

According to a study done by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2013, about twenty-two thousand sprains, dislocations and fractures were treated in hospital emergency rooms and doctor’s offices.

Why is this pertinent to wheeled backpacks?

Because they were all caused by carrying backpacks!

Back pain is a very common ailment among all adults, including college students. Gerard W. Clum, DC is the president of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. He says carrying heavy bags or backpacks is the main cause of back pain experienced by patients in his practice.

Clum goes on to explain that backpacks are preferable to purses or briefcases, but it’s not too much to assume that a wheeled bag would be the most beneficial choice because it will cut down on back pain and the possibility of damage to ligaments, tendons and joints. Read more here.
What Qualities Should I Look for in a Rolling Backpack for College?
When you’re deciding which wheeled bag will be best for you to roll around with at college, there are several things to consider:

A sturdy handle and wheels
Smooth-rolling wheels
Multiple compartments
Strong, water resistant material
Plastic lining on bottom of bag to slow down the wear-and-tear process and to keep your books and laptop dry
Padded laptop compartment that secures and holds laptop in place
Padded shoulder straps that tuck away during transport so that they don’t wrap around the wheel
Of course, your preferences will depend on what you like and what is most important to you. Another thing to consider when choosing a backpack is whether it can go over different types of terrain.

If your daily college ‘route’ includes walking through gravel or dirt, this may be an important thing to consider and you might want to take a look at the best regular backpack for college!

For more ideas on what to look for, check out this wonderful YouTube video by EzVid.

If you’re experiencing back pain from carrying around several books in your backpack every day, then a wheeled bag is definitely a great solution, and your muscles will be relieved.

Other than the obvious health benefits, rolling backpacks won’t whack your classmates while you’re walking down the classroom aisle to your desk. You’ll be less stressed and more ready for your full night of studying before your big exam tomorrow.

The very affordable Outdoor Products Sea-Tac Wheeled Bag is our clear winner because its ripstop fabric makes it very durable, lasting several years according to some reviewers.

It has an easy-to-use, sturdy handle and multiple compartments that can hold several books. No need to worry about your large laptop, either, because it can carry up to a seventeen-inch laptop!

Also enjoy a back panel that easily closes with Velcro for easy carrying and towing!

That’s all we have for the best products on the market right now. But it’s not the end! Feel free to check out the best laptop backpack guide or the reviews of best backpacks that we have on our website.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Till next time.


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