backpack for college

How To Pack for College: What You Need to Know

backpack for college

Backpacks are some of the must have items for college students. This is because they are useful tools that allow you store and carry your valuables comfortably when in college.

Packing these packs however requires skill, experience and great organizational skills. It is worth noting that packing backpacks is not as easy as using them. This is because of the reason that when packing backpacks, you need to ensure that all items in the backpack are neatly arranged and organized for the backpack to carry as much items as possible.

Here are some reliable ideas to follow when packing a backpack for college:

Choose your backpack 

There are dozens of different backpacks in the market, most of which differ on the basis of quality, size and comfort. Due to this, before you even consider how to pack a backpack for college, you need to have made the right choice of backpack.

Consider the length of the straps of the backpack of choice, the size/carrying capacity, and extra features such as padding on the back. Whenever possible, ensure that you settle on a lighter and a fairly large backpack to make packing more comfortable.

Get the items to be packed ready 

After you have chosen your preferred backpack, the next thing you should do is get the items that will be packed in the backpack ready. For instance, if you are packing some clothes, you should fold the clothes and arrange other items accordingly.

The best thing about preparing the items to be packed into the backpack is that it helps in ensuring that the items take up as little space as possible. Consequently, this allows for efficient use of the storage compartment of the backpack. In addition to this, it ensures that you can pack as many items as possible.

Organize smaller items 

Small items are usually the hardest to organize and arrange when packing a backpack for college. Small items tend to be lost within big items in the large compartments of a backpack.

To prevent such an occurrence, it is advisable to use a small plastic bag or cloth to separate the smaller items before placing them in the backpack.

For example, you can place your inner-wears in a blue plastic bag, socks in a red bag, and personal items like toothbrush and comb in a black plastic bag. This will make it easy for you to retrieve all the items when unpacking the backpack.

Separate food items 

If you are planning on packing some food items in your backpack for college, it is important to separate food items from other items placed in the backpack.

Ensure that food items are kept in compartments that are easy to reach. This is because unlike other items, you may need to retrieve the food items before you unpack the backpack particularly when you are on your way to college.

Packing food items among other items such as clothing in the large compartment can be quite inconveniencing in case you need to retrieve the food items.

After you have arranged and organized all the items you need to pack, you should then layer up the backpack. This is because the order/way in which you put the things in the backpack is very important.

Always put the things that you will use last or will not use before unpacking at the most bottom part of the bag. Things that you are likely to use first should be placed at the top to ease your efforts of retracting the items.