Osprey Quasar Laptop Backpack Review

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If you’re a person who has an active lifestyle (or at least wants to portray that you do) then you’re going to absolutely love the Osprey Quasar Laptop Backpack (see lowest price) and everything that it brings to the table.

Relatively compact but still offering a tremendous amount of storage space (organized storage space at that), this is one of the most impressive of all the active lifestyle/business focused backpacks on the market right now.

Osprey Quasar backpack review & Features

If you’ve ever spent any time hiking, camping, or rock climbing, the odds are pretty good that you’ve come across a backpack styled like this one.

Designed with a “bullet form factor”, specifically engineered to improve storage space while still offering a slimline backpack that remains relatively compact, this is the kind of bag that effortlessly transitions from the office to the great outdoors and then back again!

Unlike luxury backpacks that are manufactured out of materials that need to be babied to look brand-new, this bag is made out of nylon fibers that are incredibly strong, ridiculously durable, and made to last and last. This is the kind of bag that you would feel completely comfortable dropping from great heights without worrying about it denting or ripping apart – though you’d want to make sure that your laptop wasn’t in it!

Speaking of your laptop, there is a dedicated compartment inside this bag specifically set up to protect laptops that are up to 15 inches (screen size), and is compartment has been triple padded with it included sleeve to really make sure that your machine stays safe when you’re wearing this bag.

It still isn’t recommended that you go throwing this bag around when you have delicate gizmos or gadgets in it, but you might be able to get away with dropping it off of a chair or your desk and not opening up your laptop to find that the screen has spiderweb cracks all over it.

The 13 inch shoulder drop on this bag is pretty standard, and gives smaller people as well as big and talls the opportunity to wear this bag exactly the way they’d like without it feeling too bulky or unwieldy. At 20 inches high and 12 inches wide it’s a bit on the bigger side of things (at least for daypacks or business backpacks), but it’s still going to be able to fit in any overhead compartment and meet every airline carry-on regulation.


Innovative “webbing system” on the outside of the backpack extends functionality and utility of an already impressive backpack
Nylon construction material helps this bag take a licking and keep on ticking
Padded laptop insert protects computers from dings, dents, and damage (not to mention dust and debris)
Fully adjustable shoulder strap makes this bag a dream to wear for longer blocks of time

The zippers on this backpack aren’t quite as heavy duty as one would have liked them to be
The bag is a little bit on the longer side of things, and may encourage people to really weigh this bag down with more stuff than they probably should have strapped to their back
Final Verdict

If you would love nothing more than a bag that effortlessly goes from the outside to the inside without ever looking out of place at any point in time, the Osprey Quasar Laptop Backpack is the right one for you!


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