Best Hunting Backpacks For The Money

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Anyone who loves hunting knows the importance of having the right gear. Going out into the woods with anything but quality gear is more or less like getting caught with your pants down.

Of course you’ll need something to carry all that gears with you. That’s why the best hunting backpack is a necessity for every hunter.

Knowing how difficult it is to find the right hunting backpack what with countless models available on the market; we have rounded up the best and brought you our in-depth reviews.

We will talk about the Badlands Summit Pack Camouflage Hunting Backpack that has a storage capacity of 5400 cubic inches, 7pockets and a polycaronate frame. The 900-denier rip-stop DWR nylon construction and AirTrack suspension propel it to the top of the list.

With a total storage capacity of 2700 cubic inches and a weight of 3lbs 50z, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Backpack is a sure winner among consumers. It also features extension lasing strips for extra-large loads.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander-Freighter Frame Pack has plenty of storage capacity, is comfortable to carry and features a Clevis Pin attachment system. It also accommodates holsters.

The Eberlestock HalfTrack Hunting Pack can carry 3-litter hydration kits, features a plastic framesheet, internal aluminum cellular stays and 100 denier nylon construction.

Ample storage, handgun and accessory pockets as well as laptop and iPad pouch are the best attributes of the Explorer B99 MultiCam Tactical Backpack.

That’s a lot, right?

We fully understand that you might now have the time to read every single review. That’s why we’ve put up a small comparison chart for you below. With that chart, now you can simply take a glance and check out the suitable one that peaks your interest.

We hope you find it informative. Enjoy!

Top 5 Recommended Hunting Backpacks Reviews

1. Alps Outdoor Z Commander-Freighter Frame Pack

Very popular among elk hunting enthusiasts, the Alps Outdoor Z Commander-Freighter Frame Pack (Click here for good price!) feels like a lazy boy recliner. Its design is well thought out, the stitching good and there’s ample evidence of great workmanship.

This backpack comes with everything you would want including large inner and outer pockets, fold out gear shelf, hip belt, shoulder pads as well as an aluminum frame. With a space of 5240 cu. In. you have ample space to store your things.

The best thing about this backpack is that it optimizes on what others have fallen short of by providing ways to adjust the frame for a snug fit. A fold out shelf offers several options to organize your things while zippers on both sides allow for easy access.

Customers loved the Commander-Freight Frame Pack for its ability to haul a ton of weight for long distances comfortably. The load bearing shelf and three cinch straps are the favorite features for many users. The adjustable waist strap is a welcome addition.

Things we liked

• Lashing system secures meat for long hauls

• Adjustable shoulder harness and torso range

• Padded shoulder straps and waist belt

• Can accommodate your hunting rifle

• Lightweight aluminum frame

Things we don’t like

• Shoulder straps, even though adjustable, are a bit small for some

2. ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

While this may initially look like a reverse fanny pack on steroids, you will soon realize that it is so much when you wear it. Whether you are looking to bring out meat from a kill site, bring along day supplies and a bow or haul in decoys to a bird hunts; the ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder (Click here for good price!) has got you covered.

It allows for even weight distribution thanks to the padded waist belt and shoulder harness. The daypack mode to this backpack allows you to expand the carrying capacity by 1100 pounds, hence simplicity and ease of use.

The bow pocket comes in handy for any compound bow. It is available in two designs i.e. Brushed Max-1 HD and Brushed RealTree Xtra HD. The extension lashing straps make it easy to carry extra large loads comfortably. The fact that it’s compatible with ALPS OutdoorZ accessory pockets is a nice bonus for customers.

Things we like

• Large storage capacity of 2700 cubic inches

• Day pack pocket, two side pockets, front and main pockets

• Compatible with accessory pockets

• Adjustable shoulder pocket

• Expandable fanny pack

• Versatile design that fits a wide variety of compound bows

Things we don’t like

• Some customers complained of chafing

• While very padded, the shoulder straps are a bit narrow

3. Badlands Summit Pack Camouflage Hunting Backpack

The revised version of the Badlands 4500 is three pounds lighter and comes with newly designed suspension. What makes the Summit Pack Camouflage (Click here for good price!) standout among others is its durability and organization.

It offers 7 pockets with easy access zippers as well as multiple stash zones. At 5,400 cu. In. this backpack offers plenty of room to store almost anything. It is constructed from 900-denier rip-stop DWR nylon, which is hard to cut with shears.

The weight savings mainly come from the polycarbonate frame. The backpack is also fitted with a hydration bladder as well as a means to carry your rifle or bow. The stitching, straps and belts combined with AirTrack suspension make it a comfortable carry.

The Badlands Summit surpassed the expectations of many customers, with some claiming it provided more storage and weight capacity than needed. The best quality about this backpack for many is that it is not too heavy and doesn’t tear easily. Some expressed concerns that the waist belt was too large.

Things we liked

• Ample storage space

• Quality craftsmanship with ultralight rip-stop fabric

• Unparalleled comfort thanks to AirTrack suspension, load-lifting shoulder straps and anatomically-shaped waist belt

• Polycarbonate frame and new suspension system that can handle heavy loads

Things we didn’t like

• The waist belt is not a one-size fits all

• It is a bit pricey

4. Eberlestock HalfTrack Hunting Pack

Sister to the Phantom sniper pack, the HalfTrack (Click here for good price!) is a front-loader with a fold-down shelf divides the main compartment into upper and lower chambers. Its small size makes it a handy backpack for 2-day hunting trips.

It also comes in handy as a bug-out bag. It is available in six colors and constructed using 1000 denier nylon, which is very hard to tear. The zipper pulls are a nice step up from paracord pulls sometimes seen on backpacks.

It weighs a little over 6 pounds and offers 2150 cubic inches of storage space, making it agile when moving through the woods and rough terrain. Also included are 9 rows (6 on the front, 3 at the bottom) of PALS webbing as well as a Velcro for morale or identification patches.

The backpack has two removable aluminum stays and an internal plastic sheet which make for a good suspension system. Other notable features include padded back, bottom lumber pads, adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and padded waist belt.

Things we liked

• It’s fitted with a hook for the hydration bladder

• Ample storage space for a small rifle, collapsible saw, trekking poles and more

• Divider pockets allow you to organize your things

Things we didn’t like

• No additional straps for attaching other items like outerwear, sleeping pad or even tent

5. Explorer B99 MultiCam Tactical Backpack

Available in six tactical camouflage designs, the Explorer B99 (Click here for good price!) offers various looks to match different environmental characteristics. For instance, the CT Tan would be great for hunting in High Plains while the Multicam design would be perfect for thick-timbered hunts.

It comes with six zipper pockets, four military style pockets as well as a long pocket that you can use to store your laptop or iPad. The waist belt is fitted additional gun pouches for easy handgun, phone or accessory placement.

The lifetime warranty included with the purchase further proves the durability of the product and the company behind its production.

For many customers, the best thing about the Explorer B99 is its ample storage space. However, many didn’t like the fact that they felt fatigued after a few miles because the weight sits too far back between the shoulder blades and not high enough on the shoulders.

Things we liked

• Ample storage capacity

• Comes with handgun placement

• Has a laptop and iPad pouch

• Has good structural integrity

Things we didn’t like

• Lack of a frame causes maneuverability and comfort problems

• It doesn’t have cinch straps

Things to look for in a good hunting backpack

good hunter bagThe best hunting backpack for you will depend a lot on your needs and what activities you will indulge in. The terrain around you as well as the time of the year will play a crucial role.

That said, here are universal factors qualities that every hunting backpack should have.

• Fabric attributes

The fabric that a bag is made of is the first thing you should look at. Many waterproof bags are made from nylon or polyester covered with polyurethane.

Keep in mind that some fabrics are louder and more durable than others. You want to buy a bag that is durable, lightweight, breathable, quiet and waterproof.

• How much do you expect to carry?

The quantity you will be carrying also plays an important role. If you are a big game hunter, look for something larger than a daypack; say an expandable bag or a large backpack upfront. You can also opt for a separate duffel.

Something with a frame will help with weight distribution when carrying heavy loads. Frames can be either external or internal, and they transmit the load to your hips.

Internal frames are common in small backpacks while the best external frames backpacks are really big that can haul serious loads.

• Weapon accommodation

A backpack that accommodates your hunting rifle or bow is essential. Dragging your weapon carelessly is dangerous and can result in accidents. It can also cause a slow reaction due to troubles getting it out.

If your backpack doesn’t have an efficient weapon carrying system, you can invest in scabbards or other similar systems.

• Size

Purchasing something that suits your size is just as important as ensuring that you invest in high quality gear. A bag that doesn’t fit can cause unnecessary issues while out in the wild.

The backpack size has nothing to do with your height and everything to do with your torso size.

The ability to carry supplies and equipment beyond what you can really hold with your arms has always been valuable in regard to survival and hunting success. The good news for the modern hunting enthusiast is that there is a wide range of hunting backpacks to choose from.

They come with different capabilities including waterproof, ability to hold water, food, ammunition and more. The key to finding a backpack that works for you is knowing what your needs are. With the information provided above, we hope that your search for the right hunting backpack is easier.

Good luck!


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