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How to Organize a College Bag

Being a student comes with the responsibility of living a well-organized life by ensuring that you organize your college bag neatly and arrange all the items well for easy retrieval.

At times, it is usually hard to keep with the demands of college from wading through homework, searching for pens and pencils, going through candy wrappers, and searching for specific scraps of paper.

It is worth noting that with a poorly arranged and organized college bag, finding might be quite straining and stressing.

As such, it is important to know how to organize your college bag through these steps:

Find the right bag for you 

The secret to planning your college bag lies in being able to find a bag that is right for you.

The easiest way is identifying your college needs and the requirements you need to put in the college bag.

Backpacks are commonly used for college bags since they are usually comfortable, roomy, have different compartments/pockets and are efficient for use in college.

However, girls like purse-style bags for use in college. Whichever style of bag you opt for, you should only settle for the best backpacks for college student that is right for you; once that is roomy and meets your preferences.

Start with the things you will need to use less frequently 

Organizing a college bag should be done in a hierarchical manner with priority given to the things used frequently and more often than others. Such items include pens, pencils, books, calculators, and laptop among other frequently used items.

You may also include emergency supplies such as pads, tampons and band-aids among other items. The things that you will use rarely should be placed at the bottom of the bag. This saves you the trouble of having to remove everything from the bag every time you are looking for a particular item.

Group your items

Items that have similarities or are used alongside each other should be grouped together. Categorize your items in groups such as writing equipment/items, emergency supplies, make-up, beauty items, books & papers, and electronics.

You can group the items in as many groups as you want depending on the categories of choice. The greatest benefit of grouping items is that it makes it easy to know where to retrieve a particular item when need arises.

Economize on the available space 

The roominess and available space in the compartments of your college bag will guide you on how to organize your college bag. This will help you to identify the compartments to use when storing specific items.

However, it goes without saying that papers and books should occupy the largest compartments and use the smaller compartments to store items like pens, pencils, markers, and erasers among other things depending on the grouping approach you have used.

It is important to be careful when storing electronics as they need to be kept in secure compartments and protected from lotions, oils and food items. This is because such items are likely to destroy and cause damages to electronics.

Always ensure that you keep your backpack dry, clean and neat at all times.

In addition to this, take good care of your backpack so that it lasts for long without wearing out or getting dilapidated and torn. With proper care and maintenance, these bags can last for a very long time and be of reliable use to you throughout their life.

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Back To School Backpack Essentials You Definitely Need To Know

A backpack is one of the must have items for all students at different levels including college and university levels. There are a couple of essentials put in backpacks with some being necessities while others are optional.

For instance, books are a necessity for all students at any learning level while other items like laptops may be optional and particularly reserved for college and university students.

Other items that may be in a backpack for school are personal items including phones, wallets, and notebooks.

However there are items that are absolutely essential in every back to school pack.

These include:


The primary goal and aim of attending school is to get an education. As such, the top priority for the essentials that should be in your backpack is books.

It is not necessarily important for you to have textbooks with you as you can share with fellow classmates.

However, lab notebooks and writing notebooks are important essentials to have especially if the professor does not allow you to record notes on laptops.


Being a good and focused student requires you to be well organized in your work and keep your learning materials arranged in the best way possible.

Folders are important as they help you in arranging learning materials such as handouts, flyers, and revision papers. In addition to this, having a folder in your backpack makes it easy to pack and retrieve important documents such as result slips and any other important schoolwork papers and documents.

Pencil pouch

A pencil pouch carries a lot of items as opposed to pencils only. Even though having a pencil pouch is more of a high school trend, it is also useful even in college and university level.

Some of the other items you can put in this pouch include a graphing calculator, erasers, pens, pencils, colored pencils, highlighters and sharpies. Pens and pencils are used daily in school but colored pencils, sharpies and highlighters can be of great use particularly when studying.

Sunglasses and umbrella 

The weather can be quite unpredictable at times. If you are attending school in an area that doesn’t seem to have a definite weather pattern, it is necessary to ensure that you are prepared at all times.

For instance, sunglasses come in handy in an excessively sunny day while an umbrella will shield you from rain. Weather items are genuinely needed most of the time as they make it easy to have a good time even when the weather seems unbearable.

Laptop and charger 

Laptops have become necessities in schools nowadays. From recording notes, to gathering information on the internet, and interacting with other students, there is so much you can use a computer for in school.

You should choose a good brand and make of laptop so that the laptop can last for a longtime without any unnecessary breakdowns or need for repairs. In addition to packing a laptop in your backpack, it is also important to pack a laptop charger and USB cords for convenient use of the laptop.

A school backpack should be neatly arranged and well organized so as to hold as many items as possible. It is important to arrange the items in the backpack in the order of use and frequency of use. For instance books, pens and pencils should be placed at the top layers since they are frequently used in school.

Too much for you to carry? Then you can always pick up the best college backpack that you can find to help you with that. Or you can certainly check out the best single strap backpacks if you want more options!


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What You Should Put in Your College Backpack?

Packing for college can be a daunting experience especially for freshmen. There are so many items you need in college but unfortunately, your backpack can only accommodate a few of these items.

This is why it is important to ensure that you know the necessities you need to include when packing for college. Countless freshmen and other college students find themselves at a fix when they realize that they forgot to pack crucial and important items.

Here are some of the things you should put in your backpack


What to wear while on college is a primary necessity that can not be foregone under any circumstances. The choice of clothes to pack in your college backpack is mainly dependent on the location of the college.

For instance, if the college is located in a region where the weather is mostly cold and chilly, then you should pack warm clothes.

While most clothes in college are casual outfits, it is necessary to pack a few official clothes for official events such as internship interviews. Other outfits you should pack include bathing suits, slippers, gym clothes and shoes.

Personal items 

For purposes of hygiene and personal cleanliness, it is necessary to pack your own personal items. Things like shaving creams, razors, shampoo, soap, towels, robe, shower shoes and tissues should not be shared.

This is because sharing these items can put you at a risk of developing illnesses and infections especially if there is an outbreak.

Since you will be sharing laundry and bathroom facilities with other students, it is important to pack your favorite antiseptic and antibacterial soap for preventing germ contraction from other students.

Learning items 

The primary goal of attending college is seeking education. As such, you should pack the necessary learning items you will require while in college.

These items include books, calculator, geometrical sets, mathematical tables and other items depending on the course you are pursuing.

You can also carry your laptop too but it is advisable to pack a notebook since there are some lecturers who do not allow their students to record notes in electronic devices.


In colleges and universities, students are required to plan their schedules by themselves and do not get any reminders or follow ups from lecturers.

Due to this, it is necessary to ensure that you pack some planners to help you in keeping track of due dates of assignments, projects and other related school work.

The best thing about a planner is that it helps you to be well organized and keeps your college life in order. Planners with a monthly overview are the best choices since they allow you to plan for a whole month including dates for tests and examinations.

Sports items/gear 

If you are interested in playing a particular sport while in college, it is necessary to pack the items and gear you will need while playing that sport. The best thing about college is that there are lots of sports to choose from, most of which enable you to keep fit.

In addition to this, these sports also make it easy for you to maintain a class-co-curricula balance that is necessary for relaxing your mind after a long day in class.

And now you have everything, the only thing you need left is some best backpacks for college!

Don’t want to have a regular backpack? Then feel free to check out some best sling backpacks on the market!

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How To Pack for College: What You Need to Know

backpack for college

Backpacks are some of the must have items for college students. This is because they are useful tools that allow you store and carry your valuables comfortably when in college.

Packing these packs however requires skill, experience and great organizational skills. It is worth noting that packing backpacks is not as easy as using them. This is because of the reason that when packing backpacks, you need to ensure that all items in the backpack are neatly arranged and organized for the backpack to carry as much items as possible.

Here are some reliable ideas to follow when packing a backpack for college:

Choose your backpack 

There are dozens of different backpacks in the market, most of which differ on the basis of quality, size and comfort. Due to this, before you even consider how to pack a backpack for college, you need to have made the right choice of backpack.

Consider the length of the straps of the backpack of choice, the size/carrying capacity, and extra features such as padding on the back. Whenever possible, ensure that you settle on a lighter and a fairly large backpack to make packing more comfortable.

Get the items to be packed ready 

After you have chosen your preferred backpack, the next thing you should do is get the items that will be packed in the backpack ready. For instance, if you are packing some clothes, you should fold the clothes and arrange other items accordingly.

The best thing about preparing the items to be packed into the backpack is that it helps in ensuring that the items take up as little space as possible. Consequently, this allows for efficient use of the storage compartment of the backpack. In addition to this, it ensures that you can pack as many items as possible.

Organize smaller items 

Small items are usually the hardest to organize and arrange when packing a backpack for college. Small items tend to be lost within big items in the large compartments of a backpack.

To prevent such an occurrence, it is advisable to use a small plastic bag or cloth to separate the smaller items before placing them in the backpack.

For example, you can place your inner-wears in a blue plastic bag, socks in a red bag, and personal items like toothbrush and comb in a black plastic bag. This will make it easy for you to retrieve all the items when unpacking the backpack.

Separate food items 

If you are planning on packing some food items in your backpack for college, it is important to separate food items from other items placed in the backpack.

Ensure that food items are kept in compartments that are easy to reach. This is because unlike other items, you may need to retrieve the food items before you unpack the backpack particularly when you are on your way to college.

Packing food items among other items such as clothing in the large compartment can be quite inconveniencing in case you need to retrieve the food items.

After you have arranged and organized all the items you need to pack, you should then layer up the backpack. This is because the order/way in which you put the things in the backpack is very important.

Always put the things that you will use last or will not use before unpacking at the most bottom part of the bag. Things that you are likely to use first should be placed at the top to ease your efforts of retracting the items.

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What Material Are Laptop Backpacks Made Of?

If you are on the hunt for the very best laptop backpack on the market today, you are going to find that the top options are all manufactured out of a wide variety of materials.

Backpacks are no longer flimsy items made from the cheapest materials available. Instead, laptop backpacks are made to last for years and years, but are also designed to provide your expensive electronics with all kinds of layers of protection.

This is why it is so advantageous to really look into the kinds of materials that laptop backpacks take advantage of. When you understand exactly what kinds of materials these advance backpacks use, you’re going to know which one makes the most sense for your specific needs.

Let’s dive right in!

What materials are laptop backpacks made of today?

laptop backpack material


One of the most advanced synthetic materials you’re going to find on the market right now, this material is most often found in military grade flight suits and the driving one piece jump suits that race car drivers used to protect themselves from fire.

This material is incredibly lightweight but ridiculously durable. We are talking about a material that is going to effortlessly resist rips and tears (not to mention water and fire) all without straining your shoulders or your back when you are walking around with a backpack made from this material all day.


Gore-Tex is another of the advanced synthetic materials that your new laptop backpack may be made of.

Gore-Tex exploded on the scene in nearly 1990s, not only because of its waterproof capabilities but also because of its ripstop protection as well. If you anticipate wearing your new laptop backpack in whether that is anything but ideal, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take advantage of everything that Gore-Tex has to offer.

High quality leather

Even though the majority of the best backpacks for laptops on the market today are going to take advantage of synthetic material (not only because it is often cheaper to produce but because it is also ridiculously lightweight), lot of really expensive luxury laptop backpacks take advantage of high quality leather.

If you are going to go in this direction, you want to make sure that your new laptop backpack uses fullgrain leather, that the stitching is top-notch and reinforced, and that the backpack has already been broken in at least a little bit.

You don’t want to have to fool around with cheap leather bags or those that have been poorly stitched.

Recycled plastics

Our world is becoming very conscious about sustainable materials, and we are all better because of it.

Recycled plastics are finding their way into backpacks designed specifically to protect laptops, and they are some of the best looking bags as well as some of the most eco-friendly. If you want to be able to protect the environment, lower your environmental footprint, and save some money – all while taking advantage of some of the best designed laptop backpacks, this is a material that you are going to want to really research.

What material are laptop backpacks made of today?

Almost all of them!

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How To Properly Protect Laptop In A Backpack

If you are planning to do any traveling at all, you need to make sure that you know how to protect your laptop in a backpack so that you don’t reach your final destination with a bunch of smashed computer parts!

And while the overwhelming majority of modern backpacks include at least a handful of safety features to keep laptops safe, the bulk of them just aren’t going to be able to help you figure out how to protect laptop in backpack as best you possibly could.

Armed with the inside information we are able to share with you below, you’ll be able to keep your backpack nice and laptop nice and secure without any headache or hassle at all!

Let’s dive right in.

Keep your laptop isolated from everything else

This seems pretty common sense, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people that just kind of chuck anything and everything into their backpacks right up against they are expensive laptops.

Unfortunately, that’s often the easiest way to break that your laptop, as it is going to get jostled around with everything else that you have. Not only that, but you might break all of the other stuff that you’ve thrown in with your laptop along the way.

By isolating your laptop – in its own dedicated compartment – you’ll be able to easily protect your laptop from bumps and bruises it would have suffered otherwise.

Stick your laptop in a bubble shipping envelope

Another great tip that you’re going to want to think about, and one that is a little bit outside of the box, is choosing to stick your new laptop into one of those bubble shipping envelopes and that people used to send things all over the world.

You will have to look for a slightly larger envelope to fit your new laptop, but they definitely make them – and they are definitely well worth investing in. If they are safe and secure enough to ship delicate items around the world, they are definitely going to be safe and secure enough to protect your laptop from damage in your backpack!

Wrap your laptop up in a sweatshirt

Finally, one of my favorite tips to help people figure out how to protect laptop in a backpack is to simply wrap your laptop up in a sweatshirt. This is going to provide it with more than enough cushion to prevent any bumps from bruising your laptop, and it’s going to make it almost effortless for you to protect the screen from being cracked.

You might have to add a little bit of extra bulk to your backpack, but if you were going to bring a sweatshirt with you anyway, it’s a great way to multitask and have your sweatshirt perform double duty.

All things considered, it can be a lot easier to protect your laptop from becoming damaged just by taking advantage of all the tips and tricks we’ve been able to share with you above. Or you can go for the easier solution: buy the best laptop backpack and let it does the work.

Don’t be shy about experimenting with other solutions that help you keep your laptop nice and safe!

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What Does Business Professional Need To Prepare For Their Trip?

If you have been knocking it out at work and have just recently been rewarded with your first business trip, the odds are pretty good that you’re at least a little bit nervous about making sure that everything goes according to plan and as smoothly as humanly possible.

Thankfully, packing for your first professional trip can be a relatively effortless – especially if you take advantage of all the tips and tricks we are able to include for you below.

And remember, the best backpack for business professionals will go a long way towards making sure that your business trip is pulled off without a hitch!

Put together a packing checklist at least a week before you actually have to pack

It is mission critical that you don’t forget ANYTHING on a business trip, which is exactly why you’re going to want to work off of a checklist that you create before there’s any pressure whatsoever.

Make sure that you outline all of the things you’re going to need to bring with you, and add to this checklist regularly so that you can follow it to the letter when it comes time to actually pack. Prepare this checklist a week in advance – thinking about the space you have in your backpack for a business professional – and you’ll be good to go!

Do everything in your power to avoid checking luggage

Try and fit absolutely everything you can into the best backpack for business professionals as opposed to throwing things into checked luggage.

It doesn’t happen often, but to luggage does get lost – and you don’t ever want to have to worry about recovering your business clothes, important business documents, or critical business items that were in your checked bags that got lost by the airline.

Do absolutely everything you can to avoid checked luggage.

Make sure that you bring really comfortable shoes

Even though you are going to want to make sure that you look your very best (and sometimes that means wearing shoes that are anything but comfortable) the odds are pretty good that you aren’t going to be spending every single waking moment in a board room.

Bring a pair of really comfortable shoes to relax and unwind in. This is especially important if you’re going to have a little bit of downtime to explore the city that you are going to be visiting.

Pack extra business cards

While you are likely going to be traveling on a business trip to actually conduct business in the first place, it’s always a good idea to pack extra business cards so that you can hand them out whenever necessary.

Remember, as in agent of your company you are always going to want to be on the lookout for new business opportunities. You never know when opportunity is going to knock and you’ll want to make sure that you are always prepared.

If you’re traveling frequently, bring all of your favorite toiletries

Those that travel regularly know the value of a morning routine, which is why you are going to want to bring all of your favorite toiletries with you.

It’s just one less thing to worry about and one more thing that’s going to help you stick to the script, boost your confidence, and help you really nail that business trip!

Is A Backpack Appropriate For Work?

A lot of people are under the impression that it is inappropriate to wear a backpack to work, but the old rules and traditions of business have pretty much fallen by the wayside.

Just like most men no longer wear fedoras or even full suits when they are headed into the office, a lot of new companies have embraced everything that business casual has to offer – and that means that the business backpack is a very real thing and not something to be ashamed of any longer.

It wasn’t all that long ago that people would have thought you were absolutely crazy to wear a backpack into work, but nothing could be further from the truth today.

The important thing is finding the best business backpack for your specific needs – and hopefully that’s exactly what we are going to be able to help you with today!

Simple, straightforward, and function first

When you are going to be purchasing a backpack and that you plan on wearing to the office you need to really pay attention to how this backpack looks so that you don’t walk in with a backpack that lowers your influence.

Even though a lot of workplaces are more relaxed than they ever have been in the past, you still don’t want to be a senior executive cruising into the office looking like a college freshman.

Find a backpack that is simply designed, straightforward, and offers the functionality that you’re after. Try to stay away from flashy or “hit” designs unless you’re willing to change out your business backpack every couple of years to stay current.

Make sure that you buy a backpack that protects your electronics

The odds are pretty good that you’re going to come to rely on your new backpack as a major part of transporting your electronics – your laptop, your tablet, your smart phone, etc. – and you need to be sure that it is going to protect these essential business tools as well as humanly possible.

Look for backpacks that have dedicated electronic pockets, look for backpacks that are waterproof and weatherproof, and look for backpacks and that have loadbearing technology so that you don’t have to worry about straining yourself carrying overloaded bags.

Closing thoughts

All things considered, it is a lot easier to get your hands on a backpack that you won’t feel embarrassed about wearing into the office the man a lot of people make it out to be.

There are a lot of beautifully designed bags specifically made for business people and executives. Sure, you may have to spend a little bit more money on these fantastic options compared to say a JanSport bag – but they are always going to be worth the extra investment.

At the end of the day, just be sure that you are getting your hands on the best business backpack that supports you when conducting business. As this is a critical tool in your business arsenal, and you’ll want to make sure that it is going to help and not hinder you.

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Popular College Backpack For Students

Every year, there are a handful of popular backpacks that separate themselves from the rest of the pack when it comes to college student bags, and this year was no different.

College students are always looking to get their hands on backpacks that offered the perfect blend of form and function, stylish backpacks that provide tons of utility along the way.

Thankfully, with our quick guide below, you’re going to be able to effortlessly find the best popular backpack for college students for your specific needs – the kind of best backpack for college that is going to look fantastic but also allow you to effortlessly transport anything and everything you need to clear across your college campus.

Shall we dive right in?

Jansport backpacks

We can’t simply talk about popular college backpack without mentioning Jansport. They made some of the most casual backpacks you’re going to come across, and are perfect for those that lead an active college lifestyle.

Ever since the early 2000s, they have became incredibly popular amongst college students for transporting pretty much anything imaginable and have remained in that top spot for quite a while now.

All you have to do is open it up, dump in everything that you need to tote around, and then singe things back up.

It doesn’t get any more casual than that!

High Sierra backpacks

These backpacks are a little bit more robust than the Nike drawstring backpacks you’re going to come across.

Not only do the High Sierra backpacks offer a better blend of protection and extra functionality, they are also offering better load distribution across your shoulders and your back. They look a little bit more stylish than the Nike drawstring bags as well (never a bad thing), but aren’t overkill, either.

The North Face backpacks

If you are looking to really upgrade your style game when it comes to your backpack, The North Face backpacks are the best of the best.

This isn’t going to come as a surprise to anyone that has spent even just a little bit of time on a college campus recently. The North Face clothing and bags are absolutely EVERYWHERE – to the point where most people consider this clothing to be the “college uniform”.

They make fantastic products, though, so you really can’t go wrong if you decide to go in this direction.

Ogio backpacks

Not as popular as those 3 brands above but Ogio still makes some pretty great student focused backpacks that blend form and functionality perfectly.

If you need to carry your laptop, your books, and your basketball shoes in one bag without anything mixing together, these are the bags you’ll want to look at!

backpacking trip student

How To Properly Prepare For School Backpacking Trips

Trying to prepare yourself for a student backpacking trip can be a real headache and hassle when you aren’t exactly sure of what to bring, how to pack, or how to make sure that you have everything you need without overloading your backpack along the way.

Thankfully though, with these tips and tricks, you’re going to be able to nail packing for student backpacking trips without any extra effort whatsoever – and you’ll be prepared for any and every eventuality!

Pack lightly

For starters, you need to make sure that you are packing just as lightly as humanly possible.

Backpacking trips are, by their very nature, very active trips and you are going to have to tote this backpack around pretty much everywhere – and usually over anything but even and level terrain.

Make sure that your bag is anything but overloaded.

Focus on clothing that can be layered

When you are stuffing your backpack with clothing options, make sure that you choose clothing that can be layered with other pieces that you have packed.

This is the smartest approach to conserving space while at the same time guaranteeing that you are ready for any kind of weather that you may come across. A lot of people just kind of throw clothes into their backpack and hope for the best – but not you.

Armed with this information, you won’t ever have to worry about bringing the wrong gear again.

Protect your electronics, ID, and cold hard cash

If your backpacking trips are going to take you out of the country, you need to be sure that you are able to protect your expensive electronics, your identification, and any cold hard cash you are going to be bringing with you.

A lot of the best backpacks for student packing trips include “hidden compartments” that are elegantly designed and super secure. These are the kinds of pockets you’re going to want to take advantage of to guarantee that your electronics work when you reach your destination, that you always have identification, and that you always have cash in a pinch.

Take advantage of a backpack that spreads the load across your shoulders and back

Finally, you should be sure to purchase a backpack for this upcoming trip that is going to be able to effortlessly spread the entire load across your folders and back.

Load-bearing backpacks are incredibly hot right now, with a lot of outdoor outfitters manufacturing gear, like The North Face or Swissgear, specifically designed for backpackers to save their body all kinds of pain. These backpacks are going to keep you feeling fresh even after hours and hours of activity every day – regardless of how much weight you throw into your backpack.

Test out your backpack if you have the opportunity to, but if you don’t really try and pay attention to the load-bearing system more technology that they take advantage of. But if that does not suit your interest then you can always take a look at a lot of other backpacks for student to find anything that is suitable for you!