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Best Business Backpacks Reviews Of 2016

In modern day, even a little edge you have over other have a significant impact on your chance of success in your field. As a business professional, your job is to find every “little edge” you can so you can raise above other and slowly reach your goal.

And I strongly believe that buying the best backpack for business is the first “little edge” you should look for if you want to take your business to another level. A good and well-designed backpack will help you carry your important accessories while keeping your organized and make you feel comfortable even on your busiest day.

If you are looking for a good backpack to buy but don’t know where to start? Then look no further, because I’ve got your back.

Top 10 Business Backpacks For Work

PictureNameProduct DimensionsLaptop CompartmentPricePrice
eBags TLS Professional Weekender8" x 21" x 14"Up to 15" laptop$$$buy3
eBags TLS Workstation11" x 18.5" x 13.5"Up to 17" laptop$$buy3
Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly (EKP121)9.1" x 18.2" x 13.4"Up to 17.3" laptop$$$buy3
SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart 31037" x 18.5" x 13.5"Up to 15" laptop$buy3
eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible9" x 22" x 14"Up to laptop sized 11.75" x 19"$buy3
High Sierra XBT TSA 8" x 19.5" x 13"Up to 17" laptop$$buy3
Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Daypack5.9" x 16.9" x 12"Up to 15" laptop$$$$buy3
eBags eTech 2.0 Downloader6.5" x 18" x 12"Up to 16" laptop$buy3
Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly8.3" x 21.3" x 15" Up to 18.4" laptop$$$buy3
Ogio Renegade RSS8" x 20" x 12.5"Up to 17" laptop$$$buy3

Just take your time and find out more about the one that caught your interest, but with all the essential information above, I’m sure that you’ve found the best business backpack that suits your needs.

But if it’s still not sufficient enough for you on the journey of finding the best backpack for work – then you can find below reviews of my top 3 favorite business backpacks that can definitely be a potential candidate for the best professional business backpack for work.

Top 3 Favorite Business Backpacks Reviews

eBags TLS Professional Weekender


eBags TLS Professional Weekender

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The first product that I’m going to talk about in this “the best” series is the eBags TLS Professional Weekender (see good deal).

eBags lives up to their name when it comes to backpack: the material, the design, the reinforced zippers,etc. You will not be disappointed when you decide to buy a product from eBags.

Even if you’re not satisfied with its quality, they will take it back for a return or an exchange without further questioning needed. So what is the risk anyway?

This bag was designed with a simple yet professional,neat-looking design with black color so you don’t have to worry a single bit about how this one looks, it’s just great, that’s for sure.

It has a lot of interior and exterior compartments that will help you carry your belongings and keep them organized. Inside this one, you will find an organizer that keeps you organized without piling them up. It contains 3 zippered mesh pockets and 2 zippered fabric pockets with 2 business cards pockets, 2 elastic pens

It contains 3 zippered mesh pockets and 2 zippered fabric pockets with 2 business cards pockets, 2 elastic pens loop and 1 trimmed elastic trimmed pouch pocket. Even though this backpack is quite small but it’s a perfect partner for you on a short business trip.

Even though this backpack is quite small but it’s a perfect partner for you on a short business trip.

There is a vertical zippered Napoleon pocket on the face which is the perfect place to hold your boarding passes and it will not walk openly no matter how long your journey. And the fact that it fits under most airplane seat is even better, if you’re the one who

And the fact that it fits under most airplane seat is even better, if you’re the one who travel a lot then you definitely have to check it out!

Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly-EKP121

Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly-EKP121

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The next product that I’m going to talk about in this “the best” series if the unique Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly EKP121 (see good deal).

The Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly (EKP121) is designed with a stylish exterior, well-designed and thoughtful interior that will meet the expectations of the most difficult customer.

With a Checkpoint Friendly design, passing through airport security is not a troublesome task anymore. In addition to that, this product also debuts Everki’s original adjustable laptop compartment with three separate panels that allow the user to install their own desired size for their laptop. This pocket will easily keep your 13″ laptop in place just as it does a 17.3″ one,making it an all-around backpack for many different situations.

Every Everki products are equipped with a considerable number of useful and multi-functional features but with lightweight construction yet really durable.

With numerous compartments and many dedicated pockets, I’m sure that you don’t have to leave anything at home anymore because this one can carry everything for you.

In addition to that, a smartly-designed structure that distributes weight equally and well-padded shoulder straps and back panel ensure the travelers enjoy their trip while still feeling comfortable even when it’s fully packed inside.

High Sierra XBT TSA

High Sierra XBT TSA pack

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To finish this “the best” series of mine, I want to talk about this wonderful XBT TSA (see good deal) from High Sierra.

Ever since the brand High Sierra was founded in 1978, they have been known as one of the best brands of durable and affordable bags to the customer.

The good news is that they still live up to their name to this day so once you put your faith in them, you won’t be disappointed.

This bag is approved by TSA and before you asked about the meaning of this, I will give you the answer. You won’t have to remove your laptop from your bag when you pass through any airport security.


Because this backpack features a padded laptop compartment that can easily unzip so the security can check your laptop without removing it from the backpack, which is really troublesome in my opinion.

By the way, the laptop compartment can fit most 17″ laptops if you didn’t pay attention to the table above.

You will find a bunch of organizer compartments with key fob inside,they will not only help you easily store your stuff but also easily and quickly have access to them when the time comes.

If that still doesn’t help then the backpack exterior zippered accessory pockets will definitely meet your needs.

Are You A Businessman Who Is Looking For A Good Laptop Bag?

Just like the majority of people out there, businessmen need a lot of help from their laptop. They need to store their documents, keep track of their businesses, keep in touch with business partners, etc. And that’s the reason why businessmen are even more cautious when it comes to backpack.

Even though all the products listed above can keep your laptop safe and secure but if you’re looking for more options then you can check out the list of highest quality backpacks or the best computer bags of 2016!

What does a businessman need? Briefcase or Backpack?

In this time and date, if you hear someone who is talking about the topic of backpacks in the business environment, you would hear either of these: “No, it’s not appropriate” and “Yes, it does look appropriate it”. So which one is right?

So which one is right?

To me, there is nothing 100% right or wrong in either of those.

Just think about it. Those guys that don’t agree with the idea of backpacks in a formal environment probably think that “business means briefcase”. Only a briefcase can make a man looks professional in the industry. And it’s really easy to understand because it has been like that since the beginning.

But everything is different now, everyone has a busier lifestyle. You probably have to travel from one place to another without any rest in between. And carrying a briefcase by hand is not a good idea. Especially if you need to carry more stuff with you. That’s when a briefcase is no longer suitable for this century.

Personally, I used to have a briefcase when I got my first white collar job. But as time passes I realized it was not a fitting choice anymore. That’s why I’ve switched to using a backpack ever since. And to be honest, I’ve never had to look back, not even once.

So go with something that is suitable for you. But if you really want to have an easier time at and outside work and try a backpack out. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Where to go from here?

You’ve seen the list of best business backpacks and you’ve read about my personal top 3 favorite products that they won’t let you down once you pick them. But still, you are the one who will make the choice and I don’t want to force my opinion on you so now there are few things that you can do so you won’t regret buying one of them:

  • Firstly, set your goal and understand what you need so you can choose a suitable bag for you and your business.
  • Find a list of products from the hottest backpack brands to choose from.
  • Find out more about each and every one of them and have a better idea about their features.
  • Lastly, read customer reviews on Amazon. Fellow customers that used or are using it can give you their honest thoughts and reviews about the product and you will know what the best backpack for business is.

That’s all I have for you today. I hope this helps you choose not just the best and but also the right backpack for you.Good luck with your business and till next time,bye.