Best Waterproof Backpacks Reviews

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Traveling is always a fun, whether its a family trip or hang out with friends on a beach or it is an adventurous trip. While you travel you have to take care of a lot of things like what to carry and what not to. Taking all the necessary things while in an adventurous trip is extremely important because you do find a market place there.!!

This fun may get converted to a disaster if you do not select a proper backpack. Selection of the backpack is utmost necessary as you are going to carry it all the way. The selection depends on a lot of parameters like where you want to travel, how long is the trip, what all things you need to carry and a lot more.

Irrespective of where you are going or what type of trip it its, the major feature of your backpack is that it should be waterproof. While you are on the go, if it rains, it will create a chaos in your mind to protect your backpack because if all your belongings like clothes, laptop, etc. get wet then you are to ruin your trip.

Why our Reviews are Important for the best waterproof backpacks..?

In selecting the best waterproof backpack an individual faces a lot of issues and questions, here we have analyzed and jotted down all those questions and issues as below and after the market survey, here we are with the guideline to select the best waterproof backpacks.

We take care of every small question that would pop up in a buyer’s mind and have answered that question to the point over here. We selected the top 10 backpacks available in the market that would suit you with all your needs.

Some Barriers to Buying

The below given are the issues that you will face while selecting the best waterproof backpacks

Water Resistant or WaterProof..?
How big it should be..?
What material should it be made up of..?
Which backpack to purchase..?
Water Resistant or WaterProof..?
There are a lot of backpacks available with a tag written as ‘Water Resistant’. This has become one of the most prominent strategies of marketing, by specifying that it is a Waterproof backpack. People generally get attracted to the lower prices and good features and then they realize that the back pack is not waterproof..!

Here we will solve out this problem for you and will suggest you the best waterproof backpack.

How big your best waterproof backpack should be.
To select the best waterproof backpack, you need to ask yourself a few questions like:

How long is your trip..?
Where are you travelling to..?
While you want to purchase a backpack, the first question is how long the trip is. The things you are to carry with you, depends on how long your trip is. The size of the bag matters like it should not be too large to be a burden on you, neither it should be too small to fit in all the things.

Get through the below list and decide which size of bag you require:

1 – 3 Nights : 30 – 50 liters
3 – 5 Nights : 50 – 80 liters
5+ Nights : 70+ liters
What material should the best waterproof backpack be made up of..?
The best waterproof backpack for your journey is according to your requirements. If you are going to a city area or may be to a place where there are chances of rain or in other case when you are moving for an adventurous trip like you are to go through rivers and all, in both the cases your selection of the best waterproof backpack will be different.

Which backpack is the best waterproof backpack for you..
So go through the below given guide on how to select the best waterproof backpack for you.

Here are the top 10 backpacks suitable for your various needs. Take a review of all of them and then get through it.

#1 Rockgator RG-25 100% Waterproof Back Pack

This is one of the finest backpacks available for your journey.This will help you keep moving ahead with your journey. It features two deep side pockets to keep the additional belongings there. It also has an internal zipper pouch to keep your small things handy.

You can dip it in the water and no need to worry as it is 100% waterproof. So now no worries while you are on a trip and may have to face water reservoirs or heavy rains. When packed and sealed tightly, this bag will also float if dropped in water.

The extra feature is that there is a large reflective strip at the back so that you can see it from far itself.

Features :
Quick Submersion Waterproof
Splash-Proof front zipper pouch
30+ liter capacity
Floats when dropped in water
Extreme Comfort
Cons :
A bit heavier as compared to others
Less colors available
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#2 SHTECH Waterproof backpack

It has a huge main pocket to carry all you belongings in a single backpack. In total it contains four big bags in it including the main bag, vice bag, the front bag and the side mesh bag.

It is a best waterproof bag especially for climbing and cycling. As it adjust itself according to your position. The major feature is that it contains a strong hook and you get a free code lock to protect your belongings.

Large capacity of 35 liters to fit in all your belongings
Zipper Pockets to keep it all water proof and safe
Portable belts and chest straps to support and equally distribute the weight of the back pack
Coded lock for the security purpose
Not long lasting
The material of the backpack may face wear and tear
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#3 Chaos Ready WaterProof BackPack

It is 100% waterproof backpack with total four compartments. One is the main bag the other two are side bags and one easily accessible front pouch. The whole bag is waterproof except the front pouch.

It has good capacity of 22 liters and thus can accommodate all your belongings for a perfect 3 day trip. Moreover it has comfortable padded shoulders so as to give you extreme comfort while in journey.

100% WaterProof backpack
High Frequency welded seams to give extra strength
Easy to use tri fold buckle system
Extremely strong material to give it a long durability
Lags in overall comfort
No extra side belts so the maximum pressure will be on your shoulders
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#4 Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25

It is a premium 100% best waterproof backpack that perfectly suits your requirements. Blue is one of the most attractive colors and yet there are other colors available as well like Yellow, Red, Pink, etc.

It helps you protect your content from dust, sand and water. It features two way sealing system to give it more strength.

Padded Shoulders so that it does not give you shoulder ache
Comfortable back panel with air-flow design
Elasticated front webbing to fix in anything out there
Very attractive design and outer looks
You need to compromise with the durability
No extra belts to distribute the whole load

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#5 HOPSOOKEN 30 Liters Capacity

With stylish looks this perfect back pack is ready to accompany you in your journey. You can fold it to fit anywhere when not in use and the convert it into a good sized backpack.

It has a roomy main compartment and two front zipper pockets to hold small items. It is very light weight and yet very good in strength.

Ultra light in weight to carry it anywhere you want
Very long lasting and durable with no wear and tears
Cool and stylish looks
Perfect for every day travel and long travels too.
A very good water resistant backpack
No extra chest straps or waist straps
The padded shoulders are not too comfortable
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#6 MOUNTAIN TOP 50 Liter BackPack

It has a strong and water resistant fabric coating. It has a high capacity of 50 liters to fulfill all your demands for a 3 – 5 day long trip. It is a high quality professional backpack for campaigning, hiking and back packing.

It is very comfortable for long travels and has water resistant nylon fabrics which slide down the water very swiftly.

High capacity of 50 liters to accommodate all your requirements
Very good in strength to be carried to all the places
High durability
Comfortable shoulder flaps to protect your spine from damage
Water proofing may get weak after a long use
No waist belt for proper distribution of load
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#7 YaagleNylon Oxford Water Resistant 45 Liters capacity

Its unique design features thick mash lumbar pad for extreme comfort and airflow against your back. Also it provides waist belt for more comfort and support the backpack while you are tracking

It is a made of water proof and anti scratch nylon fabric to retain the quality and the color for a longer time. The strength is overall good to last for a long time in rough use, so this permits you to take it along with you on all types of trips.

Anti scratch waterproof nylon fibers used to give is a cool look and good strength
Good durability
Features air flow mechanism to your back
Classic design
A bit heavier as nylon fibers are used but it does not make much difference

#8 Fencher 85 liters internal Frame BackPack

Built with aluminum internal frame, it gives this pack outstanding support for heavy loads while adjusting easily for a custom fit.

It features easy to load top loading design. As it is built with aluminum it creates a gap between your back and the backpack so that the air can flow through it. It’s unique design will distribute the weight and will reduce the pressure on your spine.

It also provides zipper side pockets and zippered waist belts.

Very high capacity of 85 liters to get all your things in
Adjustable waist strip and chest strap
Light weight as compared to the size
Durable and good strength

Water proofing gets a little less credits here
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#9 8848 Travel Hiking WaterProof BackPack

The little America backpack is one of the most popular styles. It is designed, getting the inspiration from the classic mountaineering style.

It is made up of 100% Polyster and a perfect waterproof backpack while you need to carry a laptop with you. It gives water proofing so that the laptop or any other accessories does not get wet.

21 liters of size
A perfect backpack for Laptops
Very useful while hiking
Made up with 100% polyster
The design is not so attractive unless you are a fan of it
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#10 Hiking BackPack with 40 Liters Capacity

It features the light weight design making it your best companion for your wonderful outdoor activities. It has a large main compartment along with the lower mesh side pockets to store small items in it.

There are other hidden pockets in the back pack to put all your important belongings there. Moreover it is very easy, durable and convenient to use.


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