Tumi Alpha Bravo Peterson Wheeled Backpack

Tumi Alpha Bravo Peterson Wheeled Backpack Review

If you’re looking around for the best backpack for your next overseas business trip then you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to reveal one of the best business backpacks on the market at the moment and I’m sure that it won’t let you down.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to have your first business trip or you’re a regular business traveler already – chances are, a great backpack is a must have item for you. Nowadays, a suitcase or a briefcase is not a suitable choice for business trip anymore. A suitcase is too bulky to traveling around with, and a briefcase is too small to carry anything inside besides your paperwork.

But a great business backpack is the best of both worlds. It can carry a lot of things inside but you can still travel from one place to another with ease. Besides, you can use it as a carry-on luggage as well. And the best thing about a bag is that you can carry it on your back when you want some casual time as well.

But remember, you’re a business professional, you’re the face of your company. So you don’t want to bring a colorful bag to the business meeting at all, trust me. “So can I find a backpack that is both casual and professional at the same time?”. The answer is: Yes, you can! And the backpack that I’m talking about is the Tumi Alpha Bravo Peterson Wheeled Backpack.

From the Bravo collection of modern, casual day and travel bags comes this wheeled backpack. Yes, you read it right, a wheeled backpack.

Imagine yourself at the airport, you’re dead tired after a long flight and your bag is so heavy that you don’t even want to pick it up. What’s better than a wheeled bag at that moment? With a retractable pull handle and two wheels system, you can easily travel around without breaking a sweat.

Review Of The Tumi Alpha Bravo Peterson Wheeled Backpack

Tumi Alpha Bravo Perterson Backpack reviewThe Tumi Alpha Bravo Peterson Backpack (see good deal) is made of the toughest material imaginable: ballistic nylon. This makes the bag virtually resistant to most factors of wear and tear. You don’t have to worry about your items or even your bag well-being ever again.

What about its capacity? Well, sometimes you have some business trips that last a little bit longer than usual so you might want a bag that can carry a lot more stuff inside. And this is that perfect bag that you’re looking for. Let’s me introduce to you the features that this bag offers: it has a large laptop compartment and a dedicated tablet pocket. So with this bag you can keep your electronic devices safe while having access to them when the time needs as well.

Besides that, you can find a bunch of open pockets, zip pockets, tie-down straps, side pockets and a key leash too. With this bag, you can literally store everything you need in the place that you can easily have access to which is really convenient in my opinion. As a business professional, I think you understand the importance of organization to you and your business. And this bag can certainly help you with that problem.

One last important part about this bag, it’s its design. The Tumi Alpha Bravo Peterson Wheeled Backpack is designed as a multi-functional item with an appearance of a professional but casual style. You can bring this with you to your meeting room and still rock it with you casual clothes outside of work.

So if you’re looking for a casual backpack that is perfect for an extended business trip then you definitely have to check out this one!

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