Thule Stravan Backpack

Thule Stravan Backpack Review

Most people would recognize Thule for the automobile storage solutions that they manufacture, as well as all of the top quality “active sports” transportation solutions they provide. But they also make fantastic luggage and backpacks. If the Thule Stravan Backpack is going to be your first introduction to the products that this company produces, you’re going to be getting off on the right foot.

Review Of The Thule Stravan Backpack

Thule Stravan Backpack Review

Perfectly sized to accommodate up to 15 inch laptops with a lot of extra space for pretty much anything and everything you’d ever need to throw into a weekend backpack, the Thule Stravan bag (see good deal) is contemporary across the board and has one of the most innovative storage designs we’ve ever come across.

Like all of the other products that they manufacture, this company knows how to maximize storage space without blowing up the size and dimensions of the products that they produce. You’re going to find that there are multiple organizational compartments inside of this bag that really give you the freedom to store pretty much anything and everything imaginable inside, all without causing this bag to burst at the seams along the way.

The padded “electronics compartment” effortlessly stores and protects laptops up to 15 inches in size, but also has dedicated pockets – padded pockets – for tablets and other gizmos and gadgets.

There are also a number of “crush proof safe zones” throughout the backpack that have been designed to provide extra safety and security for those that want to store sunglasses, sensitive materials, or keep their phone out of harms reach.

As mentioned above, the overall style of this backpack is absolutely stunning. Very modern and very minimalist in nature, this is a backpack that is going to draw a lot of attention because of how it looks – all without too many bells and whistles or unnecessary accessories hanging off of it.

This is an ideal backpack for students as well as professionals, as it moves between these worlds (and the world of active outdoors people) without any difficulty at all.

Pros and Cons

The organization of this bag really is top-of-the-line.

All of the different compartments allow for true micromanagement when you’re looking to pack things away, but the multiple pockets also provide you with a lot of extra utility that you weren’t going to find in cheaper bags. The crush proof safe zones, the dedicated “keys and pocket lint” pouch, and the electronics compartment are all intelligent designs that a lot of other bags on the market would benefit from.

This bag is a little bit on the bulkier side of things, though it isn’t by any stretch of the imagination oversized. It just holds its shape better than most other options, so it’s going to present itself as a larger bag even when it is completely empty.


The Thule Stravan Backpack is one of the top premium backpacks available on the market today, and for good reason. Beautifully designed in a simple and minimalist approach, with almost unlimited organization, this is the kind of backpack that people purchase once and then hold onto for their entire lives.

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