Swiss Gear MYTHOS Computer Backpack

SwissGear MYTHOS Computer Backpack Review

A backpack can be considered the best if it can fulfill your needs and help you carry your belongings around. Searching for a backpack like that is one of the most challenging tasks that you have to face, especially if you are a student or a professional who always carry laptop and other types of gadgets. If you don’t know where to start then you can consider this wonderful SwissGear MYTHOS Computer Backpack (see good deal).

Review Of The SwissGear MYTHOS Computer Backpack

SwissGear MYTHOS backpack reviewStandout Features

  • The laptop compartment is fully padded and is suitable for the 16″ laptops. It also comes with Swiss Guard
    computer protection.
  • Has protected ergonomic handle, making it easy to access on the quick pocket.
  • The shoulder straps are made in comfort fit and a case base in a soothing platform.
  • Contains two side pockets that are useful for small things.
  • The larger compartment has double zippers.
  • Lightweight yet made from highly durable materials
  • Color: Black and Blue

Advantages of the SwissGear MYTHOS 

  • The separate compartment for laptop is very useful and provides many rooms without experiencing loose.
  • The strap coming from the top of the laptop holder portion is extremely functional for securing the charger.
  • In the primary compartment, a flap exists that goes down allowing the bag to go straight up. This is not only useful in keeping the bag upright, but it is also very beneficial for the sharp objects, like the edge of a binder, to prevent causing possible cut through the bottom part of the bag.
  • There are also additional compartments that are small in sizes allowing you for easy arrangement of items that do not fit well in the large or main compartment. You can also place your personal things on it, like wallets, cell phones, and other important things that are also small in sizes.
  • It contains plenty of rooms available for notebooks, books, pens, and other similar things. It also has multiple pockets that are very useful for laptop accessories, such as the mouse and charger.
  • It has double zippers making it convenient for you to access on the inside content. The double zippers can also safeguard your things if one of the zippers breaks, the other can still support your bag. Thus, the breaking of the zippers is considered a very rare scenario as they are made from high-quality materials.
  • Being lightweight of the bag means slashing the amount of weight that you are carrying.
  • Even if the backpack is full loaded with things, you are ensured that the straps of the backpack will not break.
  • It is made using a high level of technology making it balance when worn and avoid the occurrence of having back pain and other similar muscle pain which can be acquired from the long period of carrying the bag.
  • The strap also helps to eliminate the possibility of having shoulder pains as they contain comfortable cotton pads, helping to distribute the weight of inside contents even. Most of the bags, the weight are being set in the middle of the bag, therefore causing back pain. Thus, with SwissGear MYTHOS every part functions, from the bag itself down to its straps.


Not all backpacks are the same. Some have an elegant style, however, the compartments are inappropriate or not proportional to the overall design of the bag. Thus, with this SwissGear MYTHOS Review, you can see that this type of backpack offers various benefits and making it distinctive from other bags.

The greatest feature that this one offers is handiness. This is one of the essential things to set in mind especially when going to school or work. Ask yourself if the backpack offers you great carrying capacity. This is the basic question that you should answer to yourself.

With this review, you have probably learned that this backpack has the distinctive features that are rare to find on other backpacks, like the unique fabrics, stylish accessories, and fashionable details. So what do you waiting for? Come and check out the best deal we got for you today!

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