Samsonite Novex Laptop Backpack Review

Samsonite Novex Laptop Backpack Review

I am a very busy person and don’t have time for petty annoyances and shoddy luggage. I travel a lot and I require high-quality items to help me get safely from point A to point B. After a lot of research I decided to purchase the Samsonite Novex Laptop Backpack (see good deal) and I’m glad that I did.  After all, Samsonite has been a trusted name in the industry for as long as I can remember.

Review Of The Samsonite Novex Laptop Backpack

My Experiences

I finally bought my laptop bag on a whim and it actually turned out to be a pretty great decision. The bag features a convenient “Perfect Fit Laptop System” which adjusts to fit any size computer I own.

The fit is nice and secure too, and the laptop compartment is padded for extra support.  I take my backpack with me each and every time I travel, and my trips are a lot quicker and more efficient as a result.

Samsonite Novex Laptop Backpack ReviewWhy I Bought This Particular Laptop Backpack

I bought this laptop bag because I wanted something that was sleek and sturdy.  The price was just right for my budget so I went for it.

I appreciated the opportunity to save money because this is a high quality and essential piece of luggage that can definitely last for a long time.

It was also nice that the backpack only weights a little over 2 pounds unpacked, so controlling the weight is simple.

Pros and Cons

For me, it is difficult to find something wrong with my favorite backpack. I know that it is carry-on sized but that some airlines do not accept it.  That is something I always prepare for by calling ahead to the airline to find out their specifics.

I also understand that the backpack is somewhat large for some travelers, but the Smart Sleeve takes care of that.  It allows you to slide the case over the upright handle tube and transport your loaded bag with ease.  With all the bells and whistles, this backpack is still TSA Checkpoint-Friendly, so you won’t have any troubles there.

Final Verdict

Samsonite continues to make some of the best bags and backpacks on the market, and that’s obvious when you take a look at this one.  I only purchase the best, and I own one of these.  If you have valuable items to bring with you and protecting them in style is a priority, then you will want to purchase this laptop backpack as well.  It is extremely attractive, impressively sturdy, highly durable, and sized just right.  You can get it without paying for shipping and it is airport ready as soon as you receive it.  Stop traveling with shoddy luggage, don’t put your items in danger because you don’t have the right stuff.  Be like me: go ahead and purchase this backpack.  I can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed if you do.

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