Samsonite Midtown Laptop Backpack Review

Samsonite Midtown Laptop Backpack Review

I live a life that requires me to take my laptop and accessories with me everywhere I go. I have a lot of expensive stuff, and that means I need a bag that is both roomy and durable. I found everything I wanted in the Samsonite Midtown Laptop Backpack (see good deal).

Review Of The Samsonite Midtown Laptop Backpack

My Experiences

I bought this backpack a little over a year ago and I still use it three or four times a week without issue. I have taken it with me on bike rides, camping trips, hikes, and even on long airplane journeys.

I was initially concerned that its size would cause a problem when I got onto the plane, but it turns out that the designers knew what they were doing. This backpack has plenty of space for all my essentials but it still fits into the overhead storage compartment on most commercial airlines.

Along the way, I have put this backpack through the ringer. It has been dropped numerous times, dragged a time or two, and even left out all night in extreme weather conditions. I looked for damages, but I’m assuming that the 1680D polyester threading is responsible for its surprising durability. I have yet to deal with any holes, thin spots, tears, or damage to the backpack’s overall integrity.

Samsonite Midtown Laptop Backpack ReviewWhy I Bought This One

I was drawn to this specific backpack because I thought it looked really sleek in comparison to the other options. It seemed to be the perfect choice for someone like me who wanted to travel with a number of valuable items while keeping them protected from potentially damaging shocks. I also appreciated the Easy Attach strap, which allows me to transport my packed bag quickly and without difficulty.

Pros and Cons

I haven’t come up with many complaints about this laptop bag.  It’s conveniently sized and well designed, so what can I say?  I did notice that the bag didn’t conform to some airline’s carry-on standards, but that’s no big deal if you call ahead to get the specs.  The laptop compartment is padded, so it’s no big deal if you have to fit your backpack into tight overhead spaces.  I don’t mind the padded straps either, although I think the manufacturer could make them extend further for larger people.  All-in-all, I think this backpack is one of the best on the market.

Final Verdict

This bag is truly second to none. It can be easily transformed into a rolling bag, making it easy to carry along with a suitcase. It’s made with high quality materials and looks terrific with your existing baggage collection.  This backpack even has convenient water bottle holders on the side, which is really handy when you’re an active person.  If you or someone you know is looking for the best laptop backpack available and you have specific tastes, this particular bag will surely fit the bill.  Because of its popularity, this bag might not be around for very long.  You might want to purchase one as soon as you can.

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