OGIO Axle Backpack Review

Manufactured by the same company responsible for making some of the best and most innovative golf bags you’ll come across, the OGIO Axle Backpack (see good deal) is perfect for students, executives, and travelers that are looking for a simple and straightforward backpack that fits all airport carry-on regulations without limiting their storage space or organizational options.

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OGIO Axle Laptop Backpack reviewStandout Features

Manufactured from high-quality nylon construction material throughout that give this bag extra strength, durability, but still allow it to remain relatively lightweight, this backpack is an organizational marvel with all of the different compartments that it brings to the table.

Though it isn’t waterproof or made out of ripstop material, you’ll find that the bag feels very high-end, has a lot of extra strength and no real “give” to it, and can take quite a daily beating without showing even the slightest signs of wear or tear.

That’s the reason why this is the kind of bag that you’ll have no trouble whatsoever bringing on business trip after business trip (or lugging to class every day), as you’ll be able to rely on its durability and reliability for years to come.

One of the larger backpacks on the market today (after all, it can effortlessly accommodate 17-inch laptops without any trouble – and without taking up too much space) but this backpack really doesn’t feel that big at all.

That’s thanks in large part to the 14-inch shoulder drop (infinitely adjustable to fit everyone individually) as well as the 19” x 13” dimensions. This bag is built like a bullet, which helps it fit into any carry-on space on any airline without causing you had a core hassle along the way.

The zippered closure system is intelligently designed and takes advantage of pretty heavy duty hardware. Though the zipper tracks themselves aren’t “self-repairing” like some other premium backpacks showcase, the high-end nylon fabric isn’t going to come apart at the seams anytime soon and gum up the tracks. You’ll be able to zip and unzip this bag thousands of times without wearing it out.

The internal compartments are where this bag really starts to shine. Not only does it have a dedicated laptop space (as mentioned above), but it also has multiple interior pockets for smaller gizmos and gadgets to keep everything nice and organized.

Your exterior pockets are also abundant including a dedicated “smartphone” pocket that is fleece lined to protect your valuables from getting scratched or damaged in transit.


  • Designed with a ballistic shape in mind to maximize storage space without going over airport carry-on restrictions
  • 14-inch shoulder drop mechanism is almost infinitely adjustable for true “one-size-fits-all” compatibility
  • Zippered pockets are heavy duty and durable
  • Dedicated smartphone pocket is definitely a major convenience


  • A little bit more expensive than some might have anticipated considering the lack of premium construction materials
  • Is a larger format bag that may not be perfectly comfortable for smaller people

Final Verdict

The OGIO Axle Backpack is manufactured by one of the best names in the business, and certainly is a backpack that you’re going to be able to rely on for years and years to come. Organization is a major focal point on this bag, and its cavernous interior space will allow you to tell pretty much anything and everything you like without any extra effort.

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