Kipling Seoul Backpack With Laptop Protection Review

Have you ever heard about the brand named Kipling before? If you haven’t heard about them yet then you’re missing quite a lot because they’re one of the hottest brands on the market right now.

Even though they’re definitely one of the youngest brands in the industry, but when it comes to making backpack they certainly know how to satisfy their customers. If you’re looking around for one of the best laptop backpacks with a cool design at the moment then this is the perfect article for you to read.

Today I want to introduce to you the best-selling bag from Kipling, one of the nicest bags that I’ve ever seen in my life. The product that I’m talking about is the Kipling Seoul Backpack With Laptop Protection (see good deal).

Review Of The Kipling Seoul Backpack With Laptop Protection

Kipling Seoul Backpack With Laptop ProtectionThe first thing that I want to talk about its layout because this is definitely the feature that makes this one stands out from many different products on the market.

Kipling put a lot of thought into creating this backpack. They want to create a bag that is not only multi-functional but versatile with nice design. But we’re going to talk about the “multi-functional” part later. Let’s talk about the “versatile with nice design” part first.

At a glance, you can see that this bag has a unique design to it. Why? Because you can certainly see one small furry Kipling monkey key hanger that comes with this bag. In case you don’t know about the monkey, this is the official mascot for the Kipling brand.

So besides the Kipling logo in the front of the backpack, you will also have a new cute friend called “Kipling monkey”. Just imagine the reaction from your friends and family when they see you carry this bag with this little monkey on the side. Trust me, this one will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Not only that, there are many different colors and patterns for you to choose from as well: blue, black, pink, red, grey, black zebra, goat safari… You name it. I’m sure that you can find the one that you love from this wide variety of colors and designs.

Now let’s talk about the “multifunctional” part, shall we? This backpack has a main zipped compartment where you can easily store your books, textbooks and papers inside. Besides that, the main compartment also contains a laptop pocket with Velcro closure and a padded back and bottom panel that can store laptop up to 16″ in size. With this bag, you don’t have to worry about laptop well being anymore – because with those features, your laptop will be safe and secure wherever you go.

You let’s get to the zip front pocket. The zip front pocket has 2 pen sleeves, cell phone pocket, iPod pocket and a large internal zippered pocket. You can also find an additional large zippered front pocket as well. Now you have a perfect place to keep your essentials in place. Are you worrying about the number of items that you have to bring with you on your trip? If that was the case then this one can certainly fulfill your needs.

There is another small thing that I like in this backpack. At the top of the backpack, you can find a zippered pocket there. This is the ideal place to keep your small items while having easily had access to them when the time comes.

One last thing about this backpack is its shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are well padded which give you continued comfort. And because they’re fully adjustable to a maximum length of 32″ so you can easily adjust them to fit your body perfectly without any hassle.

What do you think? Pretty great, right? If you’re looking around for a good affordable laptop backpack then you definitely have to check it out!

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