JanSport Air Cure Backpack Review

For seemingly forever now, the folks over at JanSport have been responsible for producing quality backpacks that get the job done at prices that are affordable to any and all.

The new JanSport Air Cure (see good deal) definitely continues on in that trend, providing students, business people, and those just looking for a simple and straightforward bag the perfect solution for their specific needs. Simple, straightforward, but with a lot of space and top-notch organization, this is a quality backpack through and through.

Review Of The JanSport Air Cure

JanSport Air Cure Review

Measuring in at just 18” x 13” x 12”, this backpack is by no stretch of the imagination some oversized monstrosity – but it isn’t exactly a compact backpack, either.

Those that are looking for a backpack for middle and high school students, or even college students that have a lot of books to carry as well as their laptop, are going to find that this is a pretty perfectly sized bag for their specific needs. Those looking for a “weekend bag” are also going to find that the storage and organizational pockets in this backpack more than meet their expectations.

Organization is definitely at the forefront of the design behind this backpack. There are multiple oversized pockets, a handful of exterior zippered pockets, and a specific padded pocket for laptops and other high-tech gizmos and gadgets. All of these pockets are accessible by heavy-duty zippers, and the hardware on this bag is pretty top-notch across the board as well.

The stitching on the bag is pretty solid, though it isn’t the stitched in some areas where a bit of extra reinforcement would have been nice. Even still, this is the kind of backpack that you were going to be able to rely on for years and years to come if the JanSport company history is anything to go off of.

As far as design is concerned, this is a pretty straightforward backpack with a contemporary pattern. The “Topo Camo” pattern is pretty modern but not outlandish, and it’s the kind of bag that would fit in nicely at any school or campus without looking completely out of place. This probably isn’t a bag that you’d want to bring into a business setting unless of course, you’re working out of Silicon Valley where ties have been outlawed!

Pros and Cons

The overall design of this Jansport backpack is simple, straightforward, and utilitarian in nature – not unlike the military jeep, which this bag definitely steals some design cues from. The organization inside is fantastic, the construction materials used are top-notch, and the hardware is heavy-duty.

On the flip side, this bag is a little bit pricey for what it brings to the table. There are other bags at this price point (or in the neighborhood) that might offer a little bit more as far as special features are concerned, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a fine bag in and of itself.


Those looking for something simple, something straightforward, and something that they are going to be able to depend on for years and years to come will want to take a closer look at the JanSport Air Cure Backpack.

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