High Sierra Elite Business Backpack Review

If you’re looking for a backpack that offers a tremendous amount of storage space without being too big or bulky then you’re going to be drawn to the High Sierra Elite Business Backpack (see good deal) for sure.

This backpack from High Sierra has been built to transport a considerable payload, giving business people, backpackers, and those just looking for a “go bag” the opportunity to really enjoy their time while effortlessly traveling around without worrying about anything else.

Review Of The High Sierra Elite Business Backpack

High Sierra Elite BusinessStandout Features

Even though there are a lot of bags on the market today that promise the moon and the stars when it comes to durability, this backpack is one of the few that is manufactured out of 1680D ballistic nylon – the same material used by the federal government and the US military for pieces of equipment that need to be brought into battlefields all over the world.

Other bags are going to talk a big game when it comes to darkness and durability, but only a few of them are even going to come close to the invulnerability that this bag brings to the table.

But just because the military uses the same construction material doesn’t mean that this bag is built to look like a utilitarian piece of equipment that has been constructed by some government contractor. No, this is a fantastically designed (a better word might be engineered) backpack that looks very modern, very fashion forward, and very sleek – it combines beauty and brawn together.

The organization inside of this backpack is also top notch. You’ll find multiple pockets on the outside of the bag and a tremendous amount of organization going on inside. Some would even argue that there is almost too much organization available in this backpack and that your biggest problem will be trying to find enough stuff to store inside of it.

There would be worse problems to have than that!

This bag showcases an organizer inside that allows you to compartmentalize all of your “pocket lint”, but also has a dedicated laptop space, water bottle holder, and padded cell phone protector so that your electronic gadgets and gizmos are safe when traveling.


  • The high-end military grade 1680D ballistic material makes this bag one of the toughest in the industry
  • More organization and zippered compartments than you’ll ever know what to do with
  • Even weight distribution thanks to the suspended back panel and the universally adjustable backpack straps
  • Inexpensive price point makes this bag a valid option for everyone


  • This bag is definitely a little bit bigger than most people are probably used to
  • So much organization that you might feel a bit micromanaged when using the bag

Final Verdict

This is probably one of the toughest backpacks on the market right now, which is going to come in handy considering the fact that you can really load it down with a tremendous amount of stuff. The organization of the High Sierra Elite Business Backpack is off the charts, and overall most are going to find that it gives them the ability to really handle pretty much anything they throw at it.

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