Filson-Style 70017 Tin Cloth Backpack Review

Are you looking for a durable yet stylish backpack on the market? If that was the case then I believe that the backpack that I’m going to introduce today can fulfill your needs. That awesome backpack that I’m going to introduce to you guys today is the unique Filson-Style 70017 Tin Cloth Backpack (see good deal) from C.C.Filson.

Firstly, let’s talk about Filson so you can have a better idea on their product, ok? Filson is a United States based company that has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company was found by Clinton C. Filson in Seattle in 1897. The company was producing and providing many workers with a variety of outdoor gear including clothing, blanket, boots and sleeping bags. Fast forward to the modern day, Filson is now one of the biggest backpack manufacturers in the US that served worldwide customers.

That’s just a little information about them, now I know that you can put your faith in Filson because they’re definitely one of the few companies in the industry that you can trust and will never let you down.

Review Of The Filson-Style 70017 Tin Cloth Backpack

Filson-Style 70017 Tin Cloth Backpack reviewNow let’s talk about the wonderful Filson-Style 70017 Tin Cloth Backpack. This bag has one unique feature that many bags from Filson have: it’s the single buckle closure which makes this one looks really stylish. It’s not the same as some bags on the market which have a lot of zippers and exterior compartments which make those bags look really bulky if they’re not well-designed.

At the same time, you can travel around without worrying about your belongings inside because the buckle is definitely one of the most high-quality buckles that you can find on the market. Once you buckle it up, nothing can fall out of your bag.

Now, some of you might think that the buckle closure can make it hard to have access to your belongings inside when you need them. Don’t worry, there is one detail that I’m sure you will love about this one. That is a side-zip opening feature. If you want to grab something real quick but the buckle is too tight then you can unzip the side-zip and you can have full access to your stuff inside. Amazing, isn’t it? Filson really put a lot of thoughts into creating this backpack.

You can see that this bag only offers you one compartment but don’t be fooled because this is one HUGE compartment I have to say. You can put a lot of thing inside such as paperwork, books, camera, water bottle or even some snacks as well.

“But what if I want to bring an iPad with me?”. Don’t worry because this one has got you covered. In fact, this backpack is so awesome that it provides you a removable iPad case! Yes, you read that right, a removable iPad case inside. If you don’t want to bring your backpack with you but you want to bring you iPad then just remove the iPad case, put your iPad inside and you’re good to go. Another good thing about it is that the iPad case is padded as well so I’m sure that you iPad is well protected inside this case.

Lastly, this backpacks was designed with leather straps and padded back panel that can help you feel more comfortable if you have to carry it around for a long time.

One small detail that I know that you would love to know: this is a water resistant backpack so if you’re worrying about whether this backpack can handle the rain or some water poodles on the street then you have the answer now.

What do you think? Is this the right backpack for you? If you really love this backpack then you should check out the best deal we got for you!

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