Filson 70152 Lightweight Tin Cloth Daypack Review

More and more people are waking up to the fact that they need simple and straightforward bags to carry only a handful of things that they’ll need that day, as opposed to oversized backpacks or gigantic and cavernous briefcases where things get lost in the shuffle.

The Filson 70152 Lightweight Tin Cloth Daypack (see good deal) definitely delivers as far as daypacks are concerned.

Review Of The Filson 70152 Lightweight Tin Cloth Daypack 

Filson 70152 Lightweight Tin Cloth Daypack Review

Those searching for a backpack that will effortlessly accommodate the essentials that they need to carry on a day to day basis as opposed to something that can total carry everything. And you are going to find that this backpack provides you with the ultimate storage solution.

Amazingly compact (measuring just 13.75” x 17.25” x 5”), this backpack has been designed with a modern lifestyle in mind. You’ll have just enough room to carry a laptop, a tablet or e-reader, all of your electrical cords, external hard drives, a quick change of clothes, and anything that you’ve purchased while out at the shops and still have just enough room for a couple of other odds and ends.

You’re never going to feel like this backpack overloads you at any point in time, or that it puts any undue stress on your back or shoulders. A lot of that has to do with the compact design of this backpack, but some of it also has to do with the efficient straps that have been carefully considered to conform to any body type so that the weight is evenly distributed across their shoulders.

The tin cloth that it is made out of is very supple and stronger than leather (and more durable as well), and it has a very clean and modern aesthetic about it. This bag isn’t ever going to be confused with any “outdoor focused” backpacks that look like they came from the future, but instead something that a grown-up would carry with them to work at a job that pays much more than six figures.

The hardware is also quite elegant yet strong, durable, and heavy duty. All of it is manufactured out of top grade leather and brass, with zipper and snap enclosures being used across the board. Everything has been treated with a water repellent (which can be refreshed every year to keep up its level of performance), and the interior pocket is padded so that you don’t have to worry about your contents getting bruised along the way.

Pros and Cons

Easily one of the best (and simplest) looking backpacks on the market right now, this is closer to a professional’s version of the messenger bag than anything else. You’re definitely going to draw attention when you’re wearing this bag for all the right reasons. It’s also constructed out of top level materials that keep your contents safe and protected.

Some have mentioned that the thin straps that this backpack uses aren’t exactly as comfortable as those found on camping or hiking backpacks, but that’s to be expected. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means.


Those searching for a top-notch backpack are going to be over the moon when they get their hands on the Filson 70152 Lightweight Tin Cloth Daypack. This is a relatively compact yet elegant solution for carrying everything you’ll need throughout the day.

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