ECBC Hercules Backpack Review

Simple, straightforward, and almost minimalist in nature, the ECBC Hercules Backpack (see good deal) has been built with functionality first in mind – though the form of this bag is also quite impressive in an Apple-esque kind of way.

You aren’t going to find many bells and whistles on this backpack, but that’s because it’s all business. And if you’re in business and need a quality backpack (or just want to upgrade your weekend bag from the high school one that you’ve been toting around), this may be the right one for you.

Review Of The ECBC Hercules Backpack

ECBC Hercules laptop backpack

Standout Features

The first thing that you’re going to notice about this backpack is that it has been equipped with some of the highest end zippers on the market today.

Yes, you read that correctly – one of the first things that you’re going to notice about this backpack are the zippers!

That’s because these are YKK RC Zippers, maybe the best in the business. Not only are they incredibly heavy duty and very durable, but they’re also designed to be waterproof, self-repairing so that they never run off the rails, and effortless to zip up for open with just the gentlest touch.

You’re also going to notice the 1000D Korda construction material that this bag has been manufactured out of. Understanding that backpacks today aren’t just for carrying books but instead thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics that need to be protected, this backpack is ridiculously durable and has also been “air treated” to resist most liquids. It isn’t waterproof, but it’s pretty close.

Speaking of gadgets and gizmos that need to be protected, you’re going to find two specific special features that really help to separate this backpack from the rest of the pack.

The first is a fleece lined pocket at the top of the bag that has been specifically “installed” for you to protect your smartphone, your MP3 player, a tablet, or sunglasses – anything delicate with glass that needs to be kept free from scratches, dents, and dings.

You’re also going to find a large laptop compartment that is fully wrapped in high-density protective foam to make sure that your laptop is wrapped in a protective bubble. This is especially important for those that never want to deal with a computer that won’t wake up after a bag has been dropped!


  • High-end zippers protect this bag and all of its contents from outside elements
  • Padded laptop pocket makes sure that your computer is enclosed with its own little force field
  • Water-repelling nylon material is lightweight but amazingly durable
  • Numerous zippered compartments for effortless organization
  • Fleece-lined pocket to store valuables in


  • This backpack can be loaded down pretty heavily
  • Because it is a bit larger, smaller people may find it to be too bulky for everyday use

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a premium backpack that can hold pretty much anything and everything they want but still withstand outdoor elements (wind, rain, snow, sleet, etc.) without compromising their electronics then you should definitely take a closer look at this wonderful ECBC Hercules Backpack.

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