Briggs & Riley Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack

Briggs & Riley Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack Review

In this article, I’m going to introduce to you guys a well-known travel gear brand and a backpack model from them which I believe that every businessman should own. I hope you enjoy it and I also hope that you can find the suitable product for you here.

The brand that I’m going to introduce today is Briggs & Riley. The first thing you should know about them is that Briggs & Riley’s parent company is U.S. Luggage LLC which is one of the leading manufacturers in the luggage making industry. Their products are available in more than 200 countries all over the world so I can ensure you that they know what they’re doing.

Even though they’re most well-known for their wheeled luggage, but in the last few decades they have been produced some of the best products in the backpack making industry as well. And the model that I want to talk about today is this special Briggs & Riley Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack (see good deal).

Review Of The Briggs & Riley Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack

Briggs & Riley Work Luggage ClamshellThe first thing that you can easily see in this Briggs & Riley Work Luggage Clamshell is that: even though the layout of this backpack is quite typical in plain black. But no one can deny the fact that the layout of this backpack makes it a perfect choice for business travelers out there.

This bag doesn’t have any feature that stands out which makes it suitable for many formal events or business meeting. So you can remain highly mobile and professionally polished with this large clamshell backpack.

Now let’s talk about its special features. This bag was made from ballistic nylon which resists wear, water, dirt and abrasion which makes it one of the most worthwhile long term investments that you can make. And don’t be surprised if this bag still looks the same after many years of using because that’s how durable it is.

What about its pockets? Well, this backpack offers you speed thru pocket for quick storage of items at security checkpoints where you can keep your passport or important items after finishing everything at the security checkpoint. Besides, this backpack has multi-section design so you can stay organized throughout the whole trip as well.

And one last feature that this backpack has to offer you is a dedicated laptop compartment to keep laptop up to 17″ in size and a tablet compartment with ultimate protection. They’re both really well-padded so you can put your important electronic devices there without worry about their well-being.

What do you think about this one? I really love this one because of how multifunctional it is. If you’re a regular business traveler who is looking around for a new backpack for your trip then you definitely have to check it out!

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