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Back To School Backpack Essentials You Definitely Need To Know

A backpack is one of the must have items for all students at different levels including college and university levels. There are a couple of essentials put in backpacks with some being necessities while others are optional.

For instance, books are a necessity for all students at any learning level while other items like laptops may be optional and particularly reserved for college and university students.

Other items that may be in a backpack for school are personal items including phones, wallets, and notebooks.

However there are items that are absolutely essential in every back to school pack.

These include:


The primary goal and aim of attending school is to get an education. As such, the top priority for the essentials that should be in your backpack is books.

It is not necessarily important for you to have textbooks with you as you can share with fellow classmates.

However, lab notebooks and writing notebooks are important essentials to have especially if the professor does not allow you to record notes on laptops.


Being a good and focused student requires you to be well organized in your work and keep your learning materials arranged in the best way possible.

Folders are important as they help you in arranging learning materials such as handouts, flyers, and revision papers. In addition to this, having a folder in your backpack makes it easy to pack and retrieve important documents such as result slips and any other important schoolwork papers and documents.

Pencil pouch

A pencil pouch carries a lot of items as opposed to pencils only. Even though having a pencil pouch is more of a high school trend, it is also useful even in college and university level.

Some of the other items you can put in this pouch include a graphing calculator, erasers, pens, pencils, colored pencils, highlighters and sharpies. Pens and pencils are used daily in school but colored pencils, sharpies and highlighters can be of great use particularly when studying.

Sunglasses and umbrella 

The weather can be quite unpredictable at times. If you are attending school in an area that doesn’t seem to have a definite weather pattern, it is necessary to ensure that you are prepared at all times.

For instance, sunglasses come in handy in an excessively sunny day while an umbrella will shield you from rain. Weather items are genuinely needed most of the time as they make it easy to have a good time even when the weather seems unbearable.

Laptop and charger 

Laptops have become necessities in schools nowadays. From recording notes, to gathering information on the internet, and interacting with other students, there is so much you can use a computer for in school.

You should choose a good brand and make of laptop so that the laptop can last for a longtime without any unnecessary breakdowns or need for repairs. In addition to packing a laptop in your backpack, it is also important to pack a laptop charger and USB cords for convenient use of the laptop.

A school backpack should be neatly arranged and well organized so as to hold as many items as possible. It is important to arrange the items in the backpack in the order of use and frequency of use. For instance books, pens and pencils should be placed at the top layers since they are frequently used in school.

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